Why Tom Brady is one of the greatest quarterback of all time?

Football has become one of the most celebrated sports globally. Not only is it a fun game to watch but it has also created job opportunities and seen many people playing the sport as a profession and a career. The game has created great and well established players who have entirely depended on football to attain the kind of lifestyles they enjoy having. These players are successful and known by the whole world. This article will particularly review Tom Brady, one of the most celebrated footballers, based on his success and the achievements he has made in the football world.

Tom Brady’s NFL career

Tom Brady was born in San Mateo, California in1977. He started becoming interested in football as early as when he was 4 years old. Joe Montana, who was a known quarterback football player then, was Tom’s icon. He even attended NFC Championship football which Montana was participating when he was 4 years old. Tom Joined high school and he was playing football and basketball in the school. He started playing seriously as a backup quarterback. The Brady Family Stadium was named after Tom. He later joined college from1995-1999, and still remained a backup quarterback but never gave up. He kept on practicing everyday to better his football skills. He was playing for Michigan Wolverines and in 1999; he led the team to victory. At the end of that season, he was ranked the number three top football player with 710 attempts, 442 completions and number four with 5,351 yards.

Tom Brady Divisional Playoff Preview

He appeared as a starting quarter back when he led Patriots to victory and the first position in AFC East. It is after this, Tom received his first Super Bowl XXXVI award. In 2003 and 2004 they participated in the World Championships which they won and received a Super Bowl MVP honors yet again. The team won 21 games continuously. In 2007 he led the Patriots to a 16-0 win. He received his first NFL MVP Award. He was also named the Male Athlete of the Year by The Associated Press award that had been awarded to no other player apart from Joe Montana in 1989. He got an injury but in 2009 season he came back in the field and was later named, The Comeback Player of the Year and in 2010, Tom broke a record by making passes without interdiction’s and he broke a record with 358 passes.

During the 2011 season, the Patriots joined the AFC Championship and also played in the Super Bowl six times and in 2014 season, they won the Super Bowl and Tom received his Super Bowl Award for the fifth time. The 2016 was also successful for the Patriots and Tom himself because they only lost out of the 12 games and Tom was awarded the fifth Super Bowl Award. In November 2017, he was ranked number three to have the highest attempts amounting to 1500. He has won many playoff games compared to the quarterbacks.

Why Tom Brady is one of the greatest quarterback of all time?

  Actions speak louder than words right? According to Jimmie Kaylor, in his article, Why Tom Brad Is the Greatest NFL Quarterback of All Time Period, he gives the following ranking of Tom Brady (NFL player) and even compares it to the rankings of his immediate rival to prove that yes Tom is the greatest.

Regular season

1. Touchdown passes
Brady= 456 (position 4)
Peyton Manning = 539 (position 1)
2. Pass completions
Brady= 5,244 (number 4)
Brett Favre = 6,300 (number 1)
3. Passer rating
Brady:=97.2 (number 3)
Aaron Rodgers = 104.1(number 1)
4. Pro Bowl appearances
Brady= 12
Peyton Manning, Tony Gonzalez, Bruce Matthews, Merlin Olsen = 14.
5. Passing yards
Brady= 61,582 (position 4)
Peyton Manning = 71,940 (position 1)
6. Completion percentage
Brady= 63.8
Drew Brees = 66.6
7. Wins
Brady= 183 (number 3)
Brett Favre and Peyton Manning = 186 (number 1)
8. MVP awards
Brady= 2
Peyton Manning = 5
9. Play offs Passing yards
Brady= 8,628
10. Pass completions
Brady= 788
11. Completion percentage
Brady= 62.39
Matt Schaub, Teddy Bridgewater = 70.8
12. Passer rating
Brady= 88.7
Bart Starr = 104.8
13. Wins
Brady= 24
14. Winning percentage (minimum 10 starts)
Brady= 727
Bart Starr = 900
15. Touchdown passes
Brady= 61
Brady (number 1)
Super Bowl
16. Appearances
Brady= 7
17. Wins
Brady= 5
18. MVP awards
Brady= 4
19. Completion percentage
Brady= 64.1 (position 4)
Troy Aikman = 70.0
20. Career completions
Brady= 207
21. Completions in single game
Brady= 43
22. Touchdown passes
Brady= 15
23. Passing yards (career)
Brady= 2,071
24. Passing yards (single game)
Brady= 466

Tom Brady’s NFL playoff records

According to an article about Tom Brady found in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Brady, the following are Tom’s records;
34 games played – 10 wins, playoffs, by a starting quarterback in 2001, 2003 2004 & 2005
10 consecutive wins to start a career, post-season, by a starting quarterback in 2001, 2003 ,2004& 2005
15 home wins from 2001-2016, post-season, by a starting quarterback
25 games won by a starting quarterback
63 touchdown passes
8 home wins, post-season from 2001-2007, by a starting quarterback
7 NFL conference championship wins by a starting quarterback
831 passes completed
34 starting quarterback games
9094 passing yards
A total of 14 division titles won by a starting quarterback
11 NFL conference championship appearances by a starting quarterback
1,325 passes attempted

In summation, we see how successful Tom Brady has been out of a passion and a dream he chose to follow without giving up. Therefore, even a sport game such as football can help you achieve your set goals, you only need to be persistent and keep it going if you are talented and have the passion, just as Tom did. He is now a legend for it!


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