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Things You Probably Don’t Know About the New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints first appeared as an NFL team in 1967, and it took some time before they reached a modest level of success. Despite the years, this team was not prevented from enjoying unforgettable moments and great players, including Arisha Manning, Earl Campbell, George Rogers, Ricky Jackson, Sam Mills, Pat Swelling, Bobby Hibert, Joe Horn, Dewis McAllister, Drew Bryce and Reggie. Saints have evolved from a multi-year team of cellar residents into one of the privileges that the opposition must continuously worry about. Here’s a look at five things you may not know about Saints from New Orleans.

1. The first landing, designated by the Saints in New Orleans as a franchise, was received in connection with the opening of the 94-meter debut of John Gilliam in their first match in 1967.

2. Due to the damage caused by Hurricane Katerina in Louisiana, during the 2005 season, the Saints played all their home games at other venues: they played four games on the field at Alamo Stadium in San Antonio, Texas, and three home games at the Tiger Stadium at State University. Louisiana, one home game at the Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

3. The Saints exchanged every qualifying project that they had in 1999, as well as in the first and third rounds in 2000, for the rights of the Texas University project, in which Ricky Williams participated.

4- New Orleans Saints Tom Dempsey set the record for the longest goal in NFL history when he scored a 63-meter goal against Detroit Lions in November 1970. This success was achieved in two seconds remaining around the clock, winning the game 19-17.

5. The New Orleans Saints team was the first NFL team to wear black uniforms, both trousers, and a shirt when they did so in the 2001 road game against Panthers of Carolina.

The story of New Orleans as the only professional football team in New Orleans has never been the smoothest and most fun. Although the locals love the team very much, it became more apparent after one year of absence after Hurricane Katrina, when they had to play their home games elsewhere. Saints will remain an essential part of everything that makes New Orleans distinctive for years to come.