NFL Playoff Picture after Week 13 Games

Atlanta Falcons win over New Orleans Saints good for the Panthers in NFL playoff race. Carolina (4-7) is now three games behind Atlanta in the NFC South, with a game at Seattle next on the schedule. The so-called business trip to the West Coast in which nothing short of a 2-0 record would have been acceptable has become the start of a postseason vacation.

What 9 things that have to happen for the Panthers to make the playoffs.

1. The Panthers beat the Falcons
2. The Vikings beat the Packers
3. The Saints beat the Buccaneers
4. The Redskins and Bears tie
5. The Panthers beat the Buccaneers
6. The Bears beat the Vikings
7. The Falcons beat the Saints
8. The Giants beat the Redskins
9. The Lions beat the Packers

NFL Playoff Picture after week 13 of the NFL some teams are already looking like are going to make the playoffs. The NFL playoff picture is starting to look up. To everyone’s surprise the Philadelphia Eagles are looking food this year. They have won their game so far and are playing like they want the victory.

In the AFC South, the Titans and Jaguars are still neck and neck for the division lead. Both teams got divisional wins this week — Tennessee over the Texans, and Jacksonville over the Colts.

The suddenly tight AFC West is now a three-way tie between the Chiefs, Chargers, and Raiders. The Chiefs, who fell on the road to the Jets, still hang on to the playoff spot — for now. The Chargers beat the winless Browns in Los Angeles, and the Raiders topped the Geno Smith-led Giants in Oakland.

If the season ended today, here are the six teams from the NFC that would get in:

Minnesota Vikings (10-2)
Philadelphia Eagles (10-2)
Los Angeles Rams (9-3)
New Orleans Saints (9-4)
Seattle Seahawks (8-4)
Carolina Panthers (8-4)

And here’s the AFC:

Pittsburgh Steelers (10-2)
New England Patriots (10-2)
Tennessee Titans (8-4)
Kansas City Chiefs (6-6)
Jacksonville Jaguars (8-4)
Baltimore Ravens (7-5)


The Week 15 meeting of the Steelers and Patriots looms large and could decide the top seed in the conference. For now, New England holds a slight edge — but only because Pittsburgh doesn’t play until Monday night.

The Patriots beat the Bills on the road to jump into first place, at least for now. The Steelers will travel to face the Bengals for an AFC North matchup on Monday Night Football.

Philadelphia couldn’t hold off the list of hungry teams hunting for the top spot in the NFC. Although the Eagles are tied for the best record in the NFL, the Vikings jumped them for the No. 1 seed in the NFC. It looks like this team is shaping up. Both their offense and their defense are playing like they want to win. If they keep going this way there is a good chance that they will make it to the top playoff seeds.

 No one should count out the Green Bay Packers at this time. They are winning their games as well as playing tough. Their defense has come a long way since the previous year and they are doing their best to prevent other teams from scoring on them.

 These are some of the teams that are looking like they will make the 2017 NFL playoffs. While it is still too early to tell what team will win the big game it is quickly shaping up as to what teams will be in the running?

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