NFL Playoff Picture – After Week 11 Games

This NFL season has been exciting and after Week 11 you need to know where teams stand in NFL playoff picture in the league. Now is the time when people and sports experts are going to begin to make their playoff predictions. The NFL Playoff Picture is shaping up.


1. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-2, first place in AFC North)- Pittsburgh Steelers are looking like they are playoff material. They have the most wins in their conference; in fact they have doubled the number of winning games than the next team. They have been completing the majority of their passes are a good scoring season.

2. New England Patriots (8-2, first seed in AFC East)- New England Patriots are heavy favorite to win the divisional playoff game and they need to also maintain a distance from Kansas City, the team that beat them at home in Week 1 and also keep pace with Pittsburgh. In Dec. 17 showdown with the Steelers will have serious seeding implications and could determine who earns the AFC’s top seed.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars (7-3, second seed in AFC South)- The Jacksonville, Jaguars are a good prospect. This team has a good defense and they are able to come back late in the game in order to win. While the team is not perfect they can count of their special teams new plays in order to win the game.

4. Kansas City Chiefs (6-4, first seed in AFC West)- After an impressive 5-0 start the Chiefs ware top picks for Super Bowl contenders, the Kansas City has lost three of four to fall back into the pack a bit. However the Kansas City Chiefs take first place in AFC West and looking for NFL playoff this season.

5. Tennessee Titans (6-4, first seed AFC South) & 6. Buffalo Bills (5-5, second seed in AFC East)


1. Philadelphia Eagles (9-1, first seed in NFC East)- As a surprise to just about everyone the Philadelphia Eagles are having a great season. They are making the big plays when they need to. The team has been solid all season and they are playing like they want it. As long as the team does not falter they should make it to the playoffs.

2. Minnesota Vikings (8-2, first seed in NFC North)- The Minnesota Vikings are also picked to make the playoffs. Last season they were not playing that well but that all changed. In the draft they were able to pick up some great players on both offense and defense. Since then they have been playing well and should go on to make the playoffs.

3. New Orleans Saints (8-2, first seed in NFC South)- Another team that is looking like playoff material for the season is the New Orleans Saints. This team is completing their plays as well and both their offence and their defense are strong. They have scored many points this season and are looking good.

5. Carolina Panthers (7-3, second seed in NFC South) & 6. Seattle Seahawks (6-3, second seed in NFC West)- With the Panthers on bye, they can only sit back and watch. The Seahawks’ tenuous grasp on the second Wild Card spot will be tested Monday night against the Falcons. If Atlanta wins, it will improve to 6-4 and open the door for the other 5-4 teams — the Lions, Cowboys and Packers — to move into a tie for the Wild Card.

These are some of the NFL teams that are set to make the playoffs. While there are still several games to play during the season these teams are looking like they are playoff material.

7. Baltimore Ravens (4-5, third seed in AFC North)
8. Oakland Raiders (4-5, third seed in AFC West)
Current Wild Card Round matchups
No 6. Seahawks at No. 3 Saints, No. 5 Panthers at No. 4 Rams.
No. 1 Eagles, No. 2 Vikings have byes, will host Divisional Round games.
Seeing breakdown
No. 7 Atlanta Falcons (5-4, third seed in NFC South)
No. 8 Detroit Lions (5-4, second seed in NFC North)
No. 9 Green Bay Packers (5-4, third seed in NFC North)
No. 10 Dallas Cowboys (5-4, second seed in NFC East)

Before we get to the current NFL playoff picture, let’s review the NFL playoff qualification rules, which are the same for both the AFC and the NFC.

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