NFL playoff picture: Early prediction for week 16

After this NFL Week 16 Sunday’s games you will see most of the teams’ latest NFL playoff picture for who makes playoff, who misses out? 19 teams in the NFL to battle it out. The NFL picture doesn’t get any better than this. As there are only three and four opening in the AFC and NFC respectively? Among the 19 NFL teams five of them thus Philadelphia, Jacksonville, Pittsburgh, Minnesota and New England have clinched their spot. Patriots AFC East champion, Steelers AFC North champion, Eagles NFC East champion, Vikings NFC North champion, who made your NFL Playoff Picture?

All of the team that is in for the wild two weeks is no joke as will how the NFL playoffs are challenging. Let’s have a quick review of the teams that are still contending, beginning with AFC.
Kansas team is in desperate need for a single win in the incoming two games in order for them to have a spot in the AFC West. The Chiefs are believed to have a legitimate offense regardless of their stance in the middle of this season. Their quarterback Smith Alex and Tyreek Hill are unstoppable on the field with their passes. More calls have been made to the chief’s defense a sector they haven’t been performing off late.

On the south side the Titans can be seen to stand in winning the AFC south spot, however, a wild card spot is highly expected. Their finishing with Jaguars and Rams makes things more complicated for them. The Titans are expecting highly from Marcus Mariota to pull a surprise card as their offensive line can be said to be competent. The Titans key strategy should be to preventing their opponents from making any points as they are struggling with a weak defense. In the playoffs Titans should the least worries of any team.

We are looking below for the team who makes playoff tickets, who misses out?

New Orleans Saints (10-4), Carolina Panthers (10-4), Atlanta Falcons (9-5), Los Angeles Rams (10-4), Jacksonville Jaguars (10-4) they’ll be AFC South champion, Kansas City Chiefs (8-6), Tennessee Titans (8-6),
In the hunt for AFC playoff games: Buffalo Bills (8-6), Los Angeles Chargers (7-7), Miami Dolphins (6-8), Oakland Raiders (6-8).
In the hunt for NFC playoff games: Seattle Seahawks (8-6), Detroit Lions (8-6), Dallas Cowboys (8-6).

Things are not looking so well for the Bills as their only card is their plus-7 I margin turnover. This weekend the Bills have a long weekend as they are facing off the Patriots as losing is not a card that will work for them. It’s sad for the Bills as statistically, they are the worst team in teams playoff of points, poor in yardage as well as the sack in differential both in defense and offense. This is not a good tread in playoff success. On the other side, the Bills have been seen to have a rush in their games a trait that can keep them winning.

Baltimore Ravens (9-6): Wild card No. 1. Their end-of-season schedule has them sitting pretty with the lowly Colts their latest victim on Saturday. Beat the Bengals in Week 17, and Baltimore is assured a wild-card spot.

Cowboys have a win or win situation this weekend as it’s either them or the Seahawks, it’s a winner’s stay game as the loser is shown the door. The Cowboys can overturn their luck as they have just gotten Zeke Elliot from his 6 weeks suspension, this is an extra plus for the well-performing offense.

The Lions are greatly counting on Mathew Stafford to turn their luck around. Lions have high just of winning the playoffs. Last season they lost to Seattle due to Stafford injured finger, he has been seen to be performing well as he is leading in NFL percentage completion.
Rams are expected to be a challenge once they have the spot as they have very promising players. For the Panthers it’s likely they will be the NFC kingpins as they have beaten the Packers and Vikings in a back to back. Saints are also likely to clinch the playoffs if they beat the Falcons in the coming weekend as the falcon’s offense line is not so good.

Hoping I have prepared you sufficiently for NFL playoff this season. Here is your NFL playoff prediction.

NFL playoff prediction

Tennessee Titans (No 6 seed) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (No 3)
Baltimore Ravers (No 5) @ Kansas City Chiefs (No 4)

Carolina Panthers (No 6) @ Los Angeles Rams (No 3)
Seattle Seahawks (No 5) @ New Orleans Saints (No 4)

First-round byes:

New England Patriots (No 1)
Pittsburgh Steelers (No 2)

Philadelphia Eagles (No 1)
Minnesota Vikings (No 2)

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