How to watch NFL Sunday Night Football tonight games online

The National Football League tournaments are here with us. Starting today through to the coming weeks, a total of 32 teams will tear each other for the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy. You do not want to miss out on the actions as they are ordinary very thrilling and entertaining.

To be able to follow through the tournaments, you have to know how to go about the issue. How else can you make the right choice, save for being shown the way? We have prepared a guide here on how to make sure that you miss not the coming actions.

NFL Sunday Game Live Stream

If you operate on a rather strict schedule or timeline, you obviously cannot catch the actions via your ordinary television signals, both cable, and satellite. In this case, we ask that you consider streaming the contents live via your mobile phone, laptop or desktop. Below are some of the streaming avenues you may consider leveraging.

NFL GamePass

Started in 2015, this is a premium streaming site that is owned and managed by the National Football League governing body. Through this avenue, you may stream replays of every game, out-of-market preseason games, and a recording of past games to name but a few. You won’t stream live games though.

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go is yet another premium streaming service. This one lets you watch the NFL playoff live streams as they happen. You also have the option of saving games and watching them later. To leverage this avenue, you have to create an account, choose a subscription plan, and sign in.

CBS All Access

In this year 2020, the CBS All Access shall relay NFL games. You should hence prioritize this avenue if you opt to stream the contents rather than watch them live via your television. Unlike other streaming avenues, this one does not relay playoff to cellphones. You have to use a laptop or desktop to do so hence.


For the Monday night football contents, the WatchESPN is by far the most reliable of all the avenues. Unlike the other major streaming avenues, this one requires that you log into your television provider to be eligible to catch the actions. Make an effort to sign up with ESPN if you want to leverage the platform.

NFL Network

The National Football League also owns and operates its own network through which it relays its games. It gives you the option of catching NFL Playoffs via tablets, smartphones, personal computers, and Mac, among others. It is up to you to select the option that is convenient for you.

AmazonPrime Video

The Amazon Prime Video will beam a live stream of the Thursday Night Football to a worldwide audience through multiple devices. You have it for your consideration if you want to catch the actions strictly on Thursdays, not any other day. Some good news? This avenue is absolutely free-of-charge!


AT&T TV Now has earned the right to broadcast only those games that transpire on Thursdays and Mondays. It levies a monthly fee of around $50 and gives you the freedom to stream the contents via your personal computers, big screens, or smartphones. These have to be compatible with the network configuration nonetheless.

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless gives you an opportunity to watch NFL Games on Thursdays, Sundays, and Mondays. It shall air the individual games, playoffs, and the Super Bowl. This avenue is however limited to the mobile gadgets and platforms alone. You will definitely have to download the app or use your smartphone to stream the signals.


YouTubeTV is strictly speaking not a streaming service per se. Instead, it provides a platform through which major broadcasters may reach out to their audiences. Some of the key players who shall relay their signals via this platform in the upcoming matchups are FOX, CBS, ABC, and NBC. It is set to cost no less than $40 per month.

NBC Sports

NBC Sports has the right to relay only the Sunday Night Football games in this 2020 season. This avenue shall make use of mobile or smartphone platforms only. You have to download the NBC Sports App to be able to take advantage of it. The highlights are free but the main NFL playoffs come to you at some cost.

Reddit NFL Streams

Like its NBC Sports counterpart above the Reddit NFL Streams is also a mixture of free and paid-up services. It shall relay the up-to-date links for all games absolutely free-of-charge. The live games will, however, come to you at some costs on your part. You will nonetheless choose the platform you prefer to catch the actions on.

Yahoo Sports

It is only Yahoo Sports, of all the platforms we have looked into, that relays all the games absolutely free-of-charge. Well, if I were you, I would prioritize this platform as my preferred avenue. Why should I pay for something I can actually achieve without pay?

How to watch NFL Sunday Night Football

Having exhausted the various avenues through which you may stream the upcoming National Football League games, it is now our pleasure to explain to you how to go about the issue. The following are the steps you will have to follow to actualize this noble goal:

Step I: Determine your preferred Streaming Avenue

Start off by determining your preferred streaming avenue. Generally speaking, the free services are the better because they will not exert some toll on your pockets. You will nonetheless have to suffer some inconveniences in the forms of advertisements from time to time.

Step II: Acquire the necessary electronics

Move on now to acquire the necessary electronics. These could be the tablets, laptops, desktops, smartphones, and MacBook, to name but a few! The choice of the right electronic is mainly dictated by your location at the stated time of the match.

Step III: Make appropriate arrangements

If you choose the premium content providers, you will have to make appropriate arrangements. These include the creation of an account, payment of the necessary subscription, and the acquisition of a unique user ID. Be sure to do this way before NFL playoff kick-off for the sake of your own convenience.

Step IV: Connect the devices appropriately

You now need to connect the devices appropriately. The ‘connection’ here refers to the establishments of some contacts between your streaming gadget and the source of the signals. This may entail both physical and immaterial approaches. Test the connection to see to it that it truly works.

Step V: Time the schedules appropriately

Lastly, time the schedules and prepare appropriately. It may not be that you are interested in all NFL matchups. That is why it pays to choose the specific game which you are interested in and determine when they shall be aired. Stay tuned at the stated time in order not to be left out of the action.

NFL Sunday Ticket vs Sunday Ticket Max

To catch these actions, you have to purchase some tickets, of course. There are two main kinds of tickets you may purchase, the NFL Sunday Ticket and the Sunday Ticket Max, respectively. Though these two tickets entitle you to more or less similar actions, they differ slightly in scope and character.

The NFL Sunday Ticket, for a start, is an out-of-market sports package. This means that it relays the sporting actions to those areas that are left out of the coverage of the local affiliates. You have this ticket for your consideration if you happen to live in an area that is outside your team’s coverage or sphere of influence.

This package is almost exclusively distributed by AT&T Incorporated under the DirecTV unit. While in Canada, you may access the package via the DAZN streaming service, while in Mexico and Latin America via the SKY México. To do so in the Caribbean and South America, you have the Vrio for a good companion.

Its Sunday Ticket Max counterpart on the hand performs more or less similar chores. It, however, expands the services to cover streaming across more than one gadget at a time. This is a good choice to consider if you have a profit motive. Be prepared though to spend more as it is more expensive.

Can I watch NFL on Mobile or Official app?

YES, you can! We have already explained that many of the streaming services above relay their signals across and via mobile platforms. To take advantage of these services, you have to acquire the necessary mobile gadgets. Among these are the smartphones, tablets, laptops, the MacBook and the iPad.

Then, you have to narrow down to a specific streaming service of your liking. We now list some of the most reliable streaming services and the apps which are more likely to yield you that end:

NBC Sports App
Fox Sports Go App
Amazon Prime Video App
WatchESPN App
CBS All Access App
Yahoo Sports App

You will find these apps in your Google Play or App Store. To download yours, simply go to these two stores and key in the name of your favorite app. Click download and then install it. Other than the matches themselves, these apps will also relay to you the information concerning your favorite teams, live scoring updates, news, highlights, replays, and commentaries.

Having belabored how to watch Sunday Night Football tonight 2020, we now pass the ball to you to choose your favorite avenue and work with it. A good avenue has to be cheaper, available in your area, and able to stream all NFL postseason matchups you are desirous of. Starting early and invoking the assistance of others is a sure way of going about this issue.

Still not sure how to proceed? Talk to us! We are always eager to help persons of your kind to make appropriate decisions. If anything, we have assisted uncountable others to make similar decisions in the past. When do you plan to set out? We are always glad to hear from the readers of our posts!

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