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Philadelphia Eagles vs Chicago Bears Wild-Card Preview: Start Time, TV Channel, Live Stream

Final Score: Eagles 16 Bears 15

Philadelphia Eagles vs Chicago Bears preview

The defending Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles into the playoffs with the six seed travel to Soldier Field in Chicago on Sunday afternoon to take on the NFC Central Division Champion Chicago Bears in an afternoon NFL wild-card playoff game. Last year’s playoff hero Nick Foles and his Eagles take on a talented team led by outside linebacker Khalil Mack and quarterback Mitch Trubisky. The Philadelphia Eagles off three straight wins are a hot team now but the Chicago Bears are looks like the much hotter team than the defending champion.

Why the Bears are the favorites over the Eagles:

1. Defense. The Bears have a much improved defensive front. Their 2018 squad recorded 50 quarterback sacks and 25 pass interceptions, which are the highest totals for the team since 2006. Their defensive line has been very stingy all year in terms of rushing yards allowed. While not as great against the pass, their pass rush defense has been rather effective as well, ranked seventh in the league this season. Their defenders are also very proactive in getting after opponent’s offenses, scoring six defensive touchdowns this year.

2. Injuries. The Eagles have been beset by the injury bug once again this year, especially at quarterback. Nick Foles is calling the plays now, but last week he had to leave the game against the Redskins early. That left the inexperienced Nate Sudfeld calling the plays at the end. If this should happen again, odds favor the Bears taking advantage of young players’ mistakes. Rumors persist about Wentz’s return, but time will only tell if that becomes a reality the deeper they go into the playoffs.

Why the Eagles will beat the Bears:

1. Experience. Backup quarterback Nick Foles was pressed into service again this year after starter Carson Wentz’s back injury, and he has picked up right where he left off from last year’s championship drive. Other veterans like running back Darren Sproles, center Jason Kelce and defensive ends Chris Long and Michael Bennett are proven performers who don’t back down in pressure situations. They don’t intimidate easily. Most of the Bears’ players have never even been to a playoff game before, so this will be a true test of their endurance and talent. If they pass this test, they could ride their momentum all the way to the Super Bowl.

2. Lack of rest. Bears head coach Matt Nagy chose not to rest his starters last week in their regular season finale at Minnesota. While this shows their mental and physical toughness, it wasn’t really necessary, considering the Rams locked up the second first-round bye in the NFC by beating the Niners handily. A close game could leave both their offensive and defensive squads on the field for a lot longer than he’d probably like. The Bears’ defense is one of the best in the league, but every player gets tired eventually. This could become a possible weakness that would work in the Eagles’ favor on Sunday.

When is the Philadelphia Eagles vs Chicago Bears game, what time and what TV channel is it on. How to watch Eagles vs Bears live stream on NBC TV.

Game: Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears
Postseason: NFL wild-card playoff round
When: Sunday, January 6
Start Time: 1:05 PM ET
TV channel: NBC
Live stream: FuboTV (For 7 days free trial)

The Eagles are currently the underdogs, but a lot can happen during this game. This is the first time both teams have played each other since November 26, 2017, when the Eagles beat the Bears 31-3 at Lincoln Financial Field. It’s sure to be a memorable game, one that can really set the tone for the rest of the divisional playoffs.

Colts vs Texans 2019 live stream, start time, odds, wild-card playoff preview

Colts vs Texans Preview

Another NFL playoff season has arrived. This year’s playoff series concludes the 2018 – 2019 regular seasons. There were no real breakout teams or a lot of excitement generated from players this year. However, the 2019 playoff season has some genuine surprises. One of them includes a matchup between the Indianapolis Colts and the Houston Texans. It is a game between Watson vs Luck because Texans and Colts these two teams are in the playoffs all credit goes to their quarterbacks. Most analysts did not expect these two teams to appear in the playoffs this year. However, their inclusion reveals how far these organizations have come over this past season.

The Indianapolis Colts and their Chances of Winning

First up are the Indianapolis Colts. This team ended the regular season at 10–6. They ended up losing most their games at the beginning of the season. These loses indicated that the Colts were not going to be a contending team in that game year. Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck had returned to the field after being out in 2017. He had an injury which prevented him from playing any game during that time. He was cleared to play at the beginning of 2018.

However, he had missed the 2018 preseason. He started in the first game of the 2018 regular season and the team where the Colt’s were defeated by the Bengals. Many people honestly believed that Andrew Luck was not going to do much in 2018. As a matter of fact, by their 6th game in 2018 the Colt’s were 1–5. Most people would have written them off as a playoff contending team by that point.

As the season started to progress things began to turn around. By mid-season the team had somehow managed to change things around. They started on a winning streak and it continued until the end of the season. They only lost one more game during that time. When a team has won 7 of their final 8 games, after losing many of their initial matches; this is an indication that they have figured out what to do to become winners. This comeback from behind mentality will definitely carry over into this playoff game.

How to watch Colts vs Texans 2019 live stream

NFL playoff wild-card game: Colts at Texans
Start time & date: Saturday, 4:35 p.m. ET
Where: NGR Stadium, Houston
TV channel: ESPN/ABC
Live stream: Watch the game live on fuboTV
Odds: Texans -2.5; total: 47.5

The Houston Texans and how they Gain the Victory

The Houston Texans has a remarkable starting quarterback in Deshaun Watson. This young but talented QB was a first round draft pick that has panned out for team. When the Texans started their season, they were on a serious losing streak – just like the Colts. As a matter of fact, this team went 0–3 by its third matchup. The Texans relied heavily on Watson and they paid the price for it.

However, by mid-season the team had managed to turn things around. They figured out how to win games by utilizing all of the pieces they had in place and not just Watson. JJ Watt was still a dominating player on the defense. He still managed to use his supreme defensive skills to steamroll opposing teams quarterback. The receivers began to step on the offense and the whole entire team melded together to make things happen. The Texans then started to win most of their games and have been on a winning streak that ended their season at 11–5.

The Final Conclusion for this Event

Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colt’s will be the underdogs in this match up. Deshaun Watson and the Texans are expected to dominate on both sides of the ball. Texans have a stronger defense which will give them edge. JJ Watt is still a force for offensive lines to reckon with. The Colt’s saving grace is the experience of Andrew Luck over Watson. Andrew has been been to the playoffs in the past and he know how to handle this kind of pressure. Deshaun Watson has played on national stages for previous years in college. Still, the NFL playoffs are different from college national championship game.

AFC wild AFC Wild Card playoff game preview between Houston Texans vs Indianapolis Colts live streaming start time at 4:35 p.m. ET at NGR Stadium, Houston watch on ABC TV channel. In closing, the Texans are expected to be the team that will pull off the victory. Still, the underdog Colts might surprise everyone and further their ambitions for the Super Bowl in 2019.

Pick: Houston Texans, 24-21 over Indianapolis Colts

Seattle Seahawks vs Dallas Cowboys Analytical Reports for Wild Card Playoffs, Schedule, Odds And Predictions

seattle seahawks vs dallas cowboys

The NFL postseason wild-card game between Seattle Seahawks vs Dallas Cowboys will kick off on January 5th at 8:15 p.m. ET in 2019 at AT&T Stadium. NFC East winner the Cowboys won seven of their last eight games and gets the 2019 NFL Playoffs as a No. 4 seed but the Seahawks in 2018 season already dominate the Cowboys in week 3 game by 24-13 at CenturyLink Field. It is therefore wise to try and predict the kind of direction that the tournament is likely to take.

Quarterbacks are obviously going to play a big role Dak Prescott has been doing and really put some good ball against the Giants Cowboys are better defensively and offensively accorting to the Prescott has thrown 14 touchdowns at AT&T Stadium this season and Ezekiel Elliott won the league’s rushing title for the second time in his career with 1,434 yards. The Cowboys did give them a run for their money though. As a matter of fact, they had more yards but hardly converted any of them into credible goals.

Who wins this game I am going to pick this Seahawks because I do think it’s close one and Russell Wilson is the x-factor of the game but I would not be surprised if the Cowboys won with their home-field advantage. Russell Wilson and head coach Pete Carroll have history of postseason experience and success in the playoffs this is why Seattle Seahawks the teams totally different behind the Dallas Cowboys.

Having studied both teams extensively in the regular season ended December 2018, we are able to arrive at some conclusions here. That the Dallas Cowboys are more likely to stage an impressive comeback. We have as a matter of fact narrowed down to five reasons, which in our opinion shall make the upcoming matchup quite different and unique from the others.

#1. Earl Thomas isn’t playing

Seattle Seahawks’ Earl Thomas is not going to play this time around. He did sustain a massive leg fracture during the fourth week of the contests. This was when the Seattle Seahawks was playing the Arizona Cardinals. He is yet to recover. Tedric Thompson has been tapped to play in his absence. His absence is likely to create a void that may leave the Seahawks quite vulnerable to some beating from the opponents.

#2. Amari Cooper is in

Perhaps the main reason why the Cowboys lost was that they had a comparatively weak defense. This was mainly occasioned by the fact that their top defender, Amari Cooper, did not participate in most tournaments. Given that he is to play in the upcoming match, it is highly likely that his participation shall be a game-changer in the upcoming tournament.

#3. Cowboys now know where the flaws existed in the previous matches

The Cowboys had an upper hand in their last match against the Seattle Seahawks. They had the ability to score a whopping 7-7 standing in the second-quarter. However, they squandered these wonderful opportunities due to the weak conversion of their forward, one, Ezekiel Eliot. There is credible evidence to deduce that the player has since realized where he went wrong and is intent on rectifying the mistakes.

#4. Wolf Hunter starts now

Unlike the previous match that was commenced by a non-starter, Sean Lee, this time around, a more experienced Vander Esch is going to set the ball rolling. Being more experienced and well qualified, he is likely to set the ‘Wolf Hunter’ in a nice trajectory than was previously the case. They have also mastered the game of their opponent and have come up with strategies to contain their key player, Chris Carson.

Game: Dallas Cowboys vs Seattle Seahawks
Start time and date: January 5th at 8:15 p.m. ET in 2019
Location: AT&T Stadium
TV channel: FOX
Live stream: FOX Sports GO
Odds: Cowboys -2.5

#5. Blake Jarwin is much better at catching passes now

It will be recalled that for a large part, it was the poor defense of the Dallas Cowboys that cost them the tournament. Things are slated for a change for the better this time around. This is because their tight end, Blake Jarwin has also improved his tactics. It, therefore, follows that he is likely to be better at catching the passes than he was before. This means that on the whole, the ‘Wolf Hunter’ shall most likely concede fewer goals. PS: All these are mere speculations. You have to follow the matches on your own to see how the final outcome is more likely to be.

Prediction: Seahawks 27 – Cowboys 24

NFC Wild Card Playoff: Why the Panthers could beat the Saints for first time

The NFL Playoffs will feature an excellent contest between two NFC South teams. The Panthers vs Saints game is sure to bring together fans and newcomers alike. These two teams had a great regular season and want to advance in the NFL Playoffs. There are factors that keep both teams in the running so far. Wait to see what offensive weapons they have on display going forward. That could keep these teams in the discussion for Super bowl contenders.

NFL Playoff Schedule, Sunday Football Games

Buffalo Bills vs Jacksonville Jaguars at 1:05 PM ET, EverBank Field, TV CBS

Carolina Panthers vs New Orleans Saints at 4:40 PM ET, Mercedes-Benz Superdome, TV – FOX

 Why The Panthers Could Win:

 Carolina made a notable trip to the Super bowl recently with effectively the same time. Cam Newton excels as the teams young QB and leader. Head coach Ron Rivera has plenty of options at his disposal. It will be up to their defense to limit scoring opportunities. That could be a deciding factor in Panthers vs Saints.

The Panthers, who are also making their return to the playoffs after a year away, hope that their own star quarterback Cam  Newton can pound the ball into the Saints line and then dump off to Devin Funchess or Greg Olsen, keeping the Saints D on its heels and the Saints offense on the sideline. This team was good enough to hand the Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots rare losses, so perhaps they have what it takes to at last break through.

 Why The Saints Could Win:

 The Saints are proud to have Drew Brees as their QB. His leadership and throwing ability has been proven time and time again. The Saints also topped the Panthers in their last meeting. The team won a Superbowl in 2010 with Drew Brees starting at quarterback. They will have the advantage of playing at home in the playoff game. Head coach Sean Payton is back on the sidelines and remains confident. The Saints also have a duo of great RBs with Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara.

Winning this matchup was a main reason the Saints won the first two games. In Week 3, a 34-13 victory, the Saints had 149 rushing yards on a 5.5-yard average per carry. In the Week 13 rematch, a 31-21 win, the Saints gained 148 yards on a 5.3-yard average per carry.

These two teams have surprised audiences before with their playing style. They boast high power offenses that will surprise people in any game. Panthers vs Saints may be the most high profile game of the week too. A win could position either team for a Superbowl bid. Fans will show up on both sides to show their support. Expect a close game that hinges on defense on both sides of the ball.

Falcons advanced from the wild-card round with a methodical 26-13 victory over the Rams on Saturday night. Where the Saints will play next week if they win Sunday against Panthers? The NFL re-seeds after the first round, and the sixth-seeded Falcons are headed to play the No. 1 seed Philadelphia Eagles next Saturday, leaving the Saints-Panthers winner to make the trip to Minnesota.

The Tennessee Titans overcame a 21-3 first-half road deficit, plastering the Kansas City Chiefs for 19 second-half points to swipe a 22-21 upset win at Arrowhead Stadium. The 18-point comeback tied for the second-largest on the road in NFL playoff history.


NFL Playoffs: 2018 Wild Card Games Prediction

 The National Football League’s 2018 playoff picture was beginning to get more unpredictable by the week. And while analysts thought they had the best answers for both the AFC and NFC divisions’ wildcard teams, every Sunday the answers seemed to change. Now comes the best part where the teams for the Wild Card AFC and NFC divisions have been chosen and they are set to play. While the home teams will get a certain advantage from the crowd, each of these teams have a special way to win. So for the eight teams within the AFC and NFC wildcard race, who will win the ultimate prize of being able to play the division leaders?The eight teams include: Tennessee Titans, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams, Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars, Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints. But which of these teams hold the stronger advantages in the AFC and in the NFC and why?

The AFC Wildcard Teams

 The four AFC wildcard division teams include: the Kansas City Chiefs who will play the Tennessee Titans and the Jacksonville Jaguars who will play the Buffalo Bills. While the the Chiefs have a better overall record than the Titans, they both rate low when it comes to scoring touchdowns. The Chiefs do however, have a 4 game winning streak, which could give them the confidence to believe that they can win. For the Titans however, their advantage point will be a poor Chiefs secondary unit which can be beatable by the Titans if their quarterback Marcus Mariota has a successful throwing game. By all accounts, the Kansas City Chiefs should be an odds on favorite to win this one as stopping quarterback Alex Smith, wide receiver Tyreek Hill, tight end Travis Kelce and running back Kareem Hunt may just be too much for the Tennessee Titans.

 And what about the Jacksonville Jaguars who get to play the Buffalo Bills? What will be the outcome of this game? The Jacksonville Jaguars have the better record by 1 game and they also have home field advantage. But will this be enough to carry them over the finish line or will the Buffalo Bills have a sweet surprise waiting? The Jacksonville Jaguars have a strong defense that has been talked about by the analysts all year. However, if the Buffalo Bills can force Jaguar quarterback Blake Bortles into some bad decisions, they may find themselves with an upset. That being said, with the home field advantage, the unbeatable defense and the inconsistency of Buffalo Bills Blake Bortles, the odds on favorite for this one will be the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The NFC Wildcard Teams

 The NFC division is by far the toughest in the National Football League. And with three great teams in the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints in the NFC South, the battle will be like winning the Super Bowl. With the Atlanta Falcons heading to face the Los Angeles Ram, the home court advantage goes to the Rams. Atlanta’s secondary will have to protect Matt Ryan to give the outstanding weapons from the Falcons team a chance. An unprotected Matt Ryan will mean trouble for the Falcons. Also, Atlanta Falcons defense will have to step up. There is an old saying that says,” defense wins football games”. Matt Ryan will have to be at his best as Atlanta is not the best road team. Julio Jones will have to bring his star power and Devante Freeman must have an excellent running game. Matt Ryan must show versatility with his weapons which will help in confusing the Rams defense. Both teams have great records with the Rams having a 1 game advantage. But Atlanta does have a 1 game winning streak coming into the wildcard game which may boost their confidence. Overall, Atlanta Falcons, with their high flying offense and superior weapons should prevail in this one. Also, the Atlanta Falcons should be hungry to get back to the Superbowl and prove their worthiness to win it all.

 When it comes to the quarterbacks for the New Orleans Saints and the Carolina Panthers, they don’t get any more elite than Drew Brees and Cam Newton. That being said, the Saints will have to work on their defense and secondary unit to protect Drew Brees. He has minimized his throwing and depends more on the running game. So an unprotected Drew Brees could spell disaster for the New Orleans Saints. And let us not forget about the Carolina Panthers defense that he will be matched up against. This defense has been getting better and better throughout the year. Both teams have an 11 win and 5 loss record and both teams have a 1 game losing streak coming into the playoffs. And while Cam Newton is a superstar in the quarterback position, nobody has been in more pressure situations than Drew Brees. It is after all what makes him special and well, Drew Brees. And the Saints will be playing at home where they do the most damage. The Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore should be able to contain Cam Newton, leaving the New Orleans Saints as the odds on favorite to win this one. This will be the third meeting for the Saints and the Panthers and the Saints are 2 wins and 0 losses against the Panthers while putting up an incredible thirty points on each occasion. Also, the Saints have a home field advantage where their cornerback Marshon Mattimore should be able to stop Cam Newton on the New Orleans Saints home field.

 All in all, the action between these 6 wildcard teams should be a showstopper. With lots of action from teams that are familiar with playing each other, the playbook for each team will have to be uniquely special. Each team knows the other so well, that adjustments will surely have to be made. Whoever wants it more will be the team that will have the ultimate victory. And while the odds on favorites have been chosen, with these matchups, anything is possible. All of these teams have been invited; now let’s see who wants to devour the other more.