NFL playoff Scenarios: What to look at the Picture in Week 16

nfl playoff scenarios

After week 15 NFL game the NFL playoff scenarios is looking more clear as Week 16 preserves. The Cleveland Browns still have a chance to clinch the playoffs. If you want to more clear about the NFL playoff picture at first you need to look at the NFL’s week 16 schedule. Here you will find who can go the postseason rounds and who is out.

Washington Redskins (7-7) at Tennessee Titans (8-6) on Saturday at 4:30 p.m. ET live on NFL Network. Both teams must win here if they want to go to the next round.

Baltimore Ravens (8-6) at Los Angeles Chargers (11-3) on Saturday, 8:20 p.m. on NFL Network. The Ravens need to win here if they go to the wild card round or they are almost out and if the Chargers win here they can go to the nfl divisional round.

Bengals (6-8) at Browns (6-7-1) at 1 p.m. on CBS, both teams have a critical path to go to the 2019 postseason.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-9) at Dallas Cowboys (8-6) at 1 p.m. on Fox. The Cowboys couldn’t clinch a playoff berth and failed to claim the NFC East because they lost to the Colts. The Buccaneers (5-9) is out from the season and the Cowboys must need to win at home to alive their playoff hope.

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Minnesota Vikings (7-6-1) at Detroit Lions (5-9) at 1 p.m. on Fox. The must need to win against the Lions and the Bears because the Eagles need the Vikings to lose one game. If they will not they will be eliminated.

New York Giants (5-9) at Indianapolis Colts (8-6) 1 p.m. on CBS. The Giants are already eliminated but the Colts are now the seventh team in the plyoff picture prior the week 16 games.

Jacksonville Jaguars (4-10) at Miami Dolphins (7-7) at 1 p.m. on CBS. The Dolphins have a little hope, if Jaguars win both teams are out.

Buffalo Bills (5-9 at New England Patriots (9-5) at 1 p.m. on CBS. The Patriots are lost their first-round bye hope and also not made playoff berth.

Houston Texans (10-4) at Philadelphia Eagles (7-7) at 1 p.m. on CBS. The Eagles playoff hopes are very much alive now after stunned the Rams. The Texans clinched the AFC South title with their win over the Jets on Sunday and looking for the the first-round bye. The Eagles will have a much easier path to earn the postseason.

Los Angeles Rams (11-3) at Arizona Cardinals (3-11) at 4:05 p.m. on Fox. The Rams failed to get first round bye for the second week in a row but they will earn it in the next weekend against the Cardinals.

Chicago Bears (10-4) at 49ers (4-10) at 4:05 p.m. on Fox. For the first time since 2010 the Bears have clinched a playoff spot after snuck out the Packers playoff hope.

Pittsburgh Steelers (8-5-1) at New Orleans Saints (12-2) at 4:25 p.m. on CBS. The Saints throw the Panthers out a 12-9 win in Charlotte made the first-round bye as a No. 1 seed from NFC. The Steelers have been an underdog against the Saints in next week. It is not the easiest way for the Steelers to make the playoffs.

Kansas City Chiefs (11-3) at Seattle Seahawks (8-6) at 8:20 p.m. on NBC. After a lost against the 49ers the Seahawks are still in very good chance to make the playoff. If you skip this year since drafting Wilson in 2012, the Seahawks at home against AFC teams have have been gone 12-0 straight-up unbeatable, only this year lose against the Chargers. Chiefs vs Seahawks game will be a good game to look at.

Take a look at the NFL playoff pcture if the season ended today.

NFL playoff picture

  1. Kansas City Chiefs (11-3) (AFC West winner)
  2. Houston Texans (10-4) (AFC South winner)
  3. New England Patriots (9-5) (AFC East winner)
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-5-1)
  5. Los Angeles Chargers (11-3)
  6. Baltimore Ravens (8-6)
  7. Indianapolis Colts (8-6)
  8. Tennessee Titans (8-6)
  9. Miami Dolphins (7-7)

NFC playoff scenarios:

  1. New Orleans Saints (12-2) (NFC South winner)
  2. Los Angeles Rams (11-3) (NFC West winner)
  3. Chicago Bears (10-4) (NFC North winner)
  4. Dallas Cowboys (8-6)
  5. Seattle Seahawks (8-6)
  6. Minnesota Vikings (7-6-1)
  7. Philadelphia Eagles (7-7)
  8. Washington Redskins (7-7)

NFL playoff picture and schedule: Take a look where teams stand during week 15

nfl playoff picture

The 2019 NFL playoffs just three weeks of nfl regular season football left. So, let’s take a look at the nfl playoff bracket, standings who is in and who is out for the AFC and NFC during the nfl week 15 games, if the regular season stopped today.

2019 AFC Wild Card schedule

Baltimore Ravens at Houston Texans
Los Angeles Chargers at Pittsburgh Steelers

Current NFC Wild Card Bracket

Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears
Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys

The Minnesota Vikings (6-6-1), who were beaten by the 21-7 win over the Seattle Seahawks get the top wild card spot on Monday night and the Seahawks (8-5) have a great chance to clinch a playoff spot by beating the 49ers in Week 15. Next games at SF, vs KC, vs ARI in week 17.

The Kansas City Chiefs (11-2) almost clinched the first-round bye after a win against the Baltimore Ravens (7-6). If the Chiefs want to get No. 1 seed in AFC division, they need to beat the Los Angeles Chargers (10-3) at home in Thursday night in their own division. The Chiefs games left: vs LAC, at SEA and vs OAK.

The Miami Dolphins (7-6) distanced themselves from the wild-card pack with a 34-33 victory over the New England Patriots (9-4) at Hard Rock Stadium to close out Week 14. The Patriots next games at PIT, vs BUF and vs NYJ.

After the Los Angeles Rams (11-2) NFC West champions lost to the Chicago Bears (9-4), the New Orleans Saints (11-2) NFC South champions are clinched the NFC’s new No. 1 seed. Next games for the Rams vs PHI, at ARI and vs SF and the Bears have vs GB, at SF and at MIN games left.

The Carolina Panthers’ (6-7) shocking loss to the Cleveland Browns (5-7-1) doesn’t hurt their chances to clinch the AFC playoff berth this year because their next two games against the Saints and one vs Falcons and need to win all the games. But Cowboys, Seahawks, Vikings, Eagles and Redskins chances of reaching the postseason behind the Panthers.

The Pittsburgh Steelers (7-5-1) saw their third consecutive game and a lose for the Baltimore Ravens (7-6) over the chiefs in last week while the Titans, Colts and Dolphins all they win their own games and all they have chances of reaching the playoffs equal according to our’s calculations.

AFC playoff picture who would be in:

  1. Chiefs (11-2), top in AFC West
  2. Patriots (9-4), top in AFC East
  3. Texans (9-4), top in AFC South
  4. Steelers (7-5-1), top in AFC North
  5. Chargers (10-3), wild card
  6. Ravens (7-6), wild card

Who’s waiting for the AFC playoffs:

  1. Dolphins (7-6)
  2. Colts (7-6)
  3. Titans (7-6)
  4. Broncos (6-7)
  5. Browns (5-7-1)

NFC playoff picture who would be in:

  1. Saints (11-2), NFC South champions
  2. Rams (11-2), NFC West champions
  3. Bears (9-4), top in NFC North
  4. Cowboys (8-5), top in NFC East
  5. Seahawks (8-5), wild card
  6. Vikings (6-6-1), wild card

Who can be clinched NFC playoff berth:

  1. Redskins (6-7)
  2. Panthers (6-7)
  3. Eagles (6-7)

Who’s out:
Cardinals (3-10)
49ers (3-10)

You can get the latest nfl playoff picture, bracket, standings, schedule and update news of postseason games just stay with us. If are not agree with our nfl playoff picture, please do not hesitate to comments below.

NFL playoffs

NFL playoffs are an America football sport, which was started in 1933 with 12 numbers of teams. Philadelphia Eagles are the most recent national football league (NFL) champion team. Green Bay Parker fall sunder the category of most titles and there are TV partners like NBC, Fox,ESPN/ABC, and CBS. It is a single elimination tournament and uses it in all the four rounds of the playoffs. The history of the preseason for NFL dates back to the first NFL Championship Game, which was held in 1933. Regular season records were vital initially; however, there had been changes later on. In 1970, there were eight teams for NFL Playoffs as American Football League was merged.

The NFL Playoff 

Started: 1933
The No. of NFL teams: 12
Most recent winner(s): Philadelphia Eagles (4th title)
Most titles champion: Green Bay Packers (13 titles)
NFL playoff TV partner(s): CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN/ABC

NFL Playoffs 2019

The NFL playoff tournament for 2018 season that will be started on January 5, 2019 with wild-card games. The NFL playoffs will conclude with American Football Conference (AFC) champion vs National Football Conference (NFC) champion is called super bowl, on February 3, at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. Get the latest nfl playoff picture, news, schedule, bracket, prediction, odds and more.

Current playoff system

There are two conferences, National Football Conference,which is abbreviated as NFC and American Football Conference, which is abbreviated as AFC, which divides the 32 teams of National Football League.Each of the conference consists of 16 teams. However, there is a further division of the teams since 2002. Four teams have four divisions. There are six teams, which make the tournament bracket and these would be from the two conferences. Teams, which are 1 to 4 seeded, are based on won-lost-tied record and there is wild card entry for two teams, which are seeded from 5 to 6 and here is a team from each conference. The postseason format dates back to 1978.Wildcard playoffs are the very first round of the playoffs. In this particular round, the third-seeded division winner has the responsibility of holding the wild card for the sixth seed. Similarly, the fifth is held by the fourth-seeded division winner. In any round, teams from the same division can match up as there are no restrictions as such.

When there is a tie in winning conflicts NFL has a system in order to resolve these conflicts. Since 1984 there was the same home stadium,which was shared by New York Jets and New York Giants. Therefore, when teams have the need to host the game during weekends, they have to make a selection of separate days. There was a conflict only once in 1985 during the wild card weekend. NFL playoffs format is quite interesting as it assists in understanding the rules of the game as well. The schedule for NFL playoff shows that super bowl would be on Feb 3 in 2018-19, it would be on Feb 2 in 2019-2020, and it would be on Feb 7 in 2020-2021. However, in 2017-2018 it wagon Feb 4.

Breaking Ties

Identical records are possible for the teams as well. Thus,there is a need to break off the ties, which is important to get an idea on which team would be able to qualify for the final playoffs. Rules are applied until a tie is broken and these rules are in an order. These rules are also important for the determination of seeding for the playoff tournament. If there are three teams, which have a tie for one particular spot and third team is eliminated at any step then for the remaining two teams, which are now left tiebreaker would revert to the very first step. In the same way, if there are multiple playoff spots, rules would be applied in an order until very first team qualifies and then for the remaining teams the process would start again.There are changes in rules over years with the most recent change in 2002.

Overtime rules

Overtime rules were introduced by NFL in 1940 for the divisional tie-break games and in 1946 for the championship games. When the scores are same, overtime is applied in order to avoid a draw. 1958 NFL Championship Game was the very first postseason game, which was played under these rules. Sudden death was part of the original format hence, the very first team scoring ahead would be the winner. There was an amendment in the rules in 2010 and then the rules were extended to 2012 into a regular season. Since postseasons game cannot end in a tie these are played until there is a declared winner.

Playoff and championship history

Playoff and championship history is quite interesting and over the years there has been a change in determining the champions by NFL. It was quite different in the early years. The scheduled championship game was not common in the early years (from 1920 to 1932). Team owners would vote at annual owners’ meeting to award the championship to a team from 1920-1923. A team with best winning percentage was awarded ownership from 1924 to 1932. It was difficult to count the number of wins or the losses because there were a different number of games played by the team. Keeping in view the modern rules,a tie is counted as a ½ win or ½ loss but there was a time when tie games were not counted to find the winning percentages in standings. The head-to-head tiebreaker was also a criterion. There was an identical winning percentage of 0.857 in 1932 at a game between Portsmouth Spartans and Chicago Bears. The winning percentage for Green Bay Parkers was 0.769, which was lower in comparison despite the fact that they had more wins.

Thus, there was a need to find the champion. At Wrigley Field, a game was to be played in Chicago; however, there were harsh weather conditions due to which it was moved indoors at the Chicago Stadium. The final score for the Bears was 9-0 and modified rules were followed for the game. The dirt field was shortened 80-yards.

The Bears eventually got the winning title. Spartans were able to grab a winning percentage of 0.750, which assisted in moving Spartans to third place. They were behind Packers.

This game cannot be categorized as a playoff game or a championship game; however, it played a huge role in laying the foundation for NFL Championship game in the year 1933. Therefore, 1932 playoff game was quite interesting, which sparked the interest for NFL Championship game.

Before the Super Bowl

At the beginning of 1933, the league was divided into two conferences. The teams, which were at the first place in the conference were the winners for each of the conference and after the season they met in NFL Championship Game.

There was no system of tie-breaker in beginning and even the venue of the game used to be unknown sometimes until very last game of the season has been played. There would be a delay of one week as a result of the playoff games. From 1933 to 1966, the play structure, which was in use at that time was considered inequitable. The main reason for considering it inequitable was that there were a number of times when it failed to match the two best records for the teams, which were playing for the championship game.

There was an expansion to 16 teams for the 1967 NFL Season.There was a split in the two conferences as well. There were two divisions and each division consisted of four teams.

Playoff Bowl was a playoff game, which was the third place and played in Miami during the 1960s. The first season was in 1967 and there was scheduled playoff tournament, which would assist in determining the team that would play for NFL Championship.

AFL and AAFC playoffs

There was a time when the format for AFL was quite similar to NFL in order to determine the championship that is, it was the two-divisional format. This particular format was used by the American Football League in order to determine the champion and eventually AFL merged with NFL.It is important to understand history to get a basic idea. It was for the seasons of 1960-1968. However, there was no tie-breaker system. In 1969’s season there was an addition of first round and winners would meet at AFL Championship Game. Super Bowl IV was won by the Chiefs and in fact, they were the very first winner of the non-division and were able to win the Super Bowl. AAFC used the playoff format, which was identical to NFL from 1946 to 1948. For the season of 1950, AAFC merged into NFL. A four-team playoff system was used by AAFC in 1949. The first nine seasons of American Football League were from 1960 to 1968 and from the winner of two divisions, it would determine the winner of the championship through a single playoff. There was a playoff inequity after mentioned issue raised in 1948. Knowing the relevant history in detail is quite important to understand the basics.

Super Bowl and merger

Lamar Hunt who is the owner of Kansas City Chiefs is the first person to propose the idea where there was the game between AFL and NFL of the inter-league championship and hence, the foundation for the Super Bowl was laid. There was the full merger between two leagues. The champions of AFL and NFL were featured in games from the season of 1966 to the season of 1969.Champions of American Football Conference and National Football Conference had been featured in the season of 1970 and on wards. The merger of the leagues in 1970 resulted in new NFL, which consisted of 26 teams and there were three divisions of two conferences, which were reorganized. Eight teams were able to qualify for the playoff each year. Out of which there were four teams from each of the conference and from the season of 1970 to the season of 1977. There was a wild-card team ranking fourth and four teams, which were included in the three division champions. There were playoff inequalities because of the rotation system for example, in the year 1971, 1972, and 1973. Until 1975 seeding system for the playoffs was not introduced. The pairing of divisional playoff round could be 2 seed vs. 4 seed and 1 seed vs. 3 seed.


In the season of 1978, there was an expansion from 14 games to 16 games in the regular season. For each of the conference, there was a team with one more wild card. Two of the wild card teams had to play a week before the division winners. The very first wild-card team, which was able to win Super Bowl under the system was Oakland Raiders. There were nine regular season games played in 1982 season. Usually, the games are played on Sunday except for 1983 and 1988 as the games were played on Saturday and Monday. The main reason was Christmas as it was on Sunday and thus, NFL had to be avoided playing at that time. Pacific Time Zone was followed for the games in 1984. Wild-card games were hosted by Jets and New York Giants. They share a stadium and thus,games had to be on different days. There was an addition of a third wild card team in the season of 1990. Prime time became common for the games for the very first time in the season of 2001. Thus, there was no longer a restriction for the Pacific Time Zone for the league to follow.

Modification proposals

The playoff system, which currently consists of 12 teams has some limitations. Under some of the cases, there is a team, which has a weak division or barely winning record of 0.500. There is some prominent examples season of 2008-2009, the season of 2010-2011, and season of 2014-2015. Seeding issue caused the reason for modification of the playoff format. There was a proposal based on the idea that there should be an expansion to 14 teams.Additional playoff games though were two means that there would be an increased income as a result of the two additional games. When the league had 28 teams there had been a playoff system comprising of 12-team. It is interesting to get an idea about modification proposals.

There were two teams with wild cars in the playoffs of 2007,which had comparatively better records. Roger Goodell in 2013 revisited the idea that there should be an expansion to 14 teams, which led to revisiting this particular idea. Initially there was a suggestion to schedule the games on weekend; however, later it was suggested by Roger Goodell that Friday and Monday would be better; however, there had been a conflict with College Football Playoff. There had been suggestions many times for considering the expansion to 14 teams; however, there is not yet any serious decision and the matter is likely to be postponed by 2020. In February 2015, according to the Washington Post, there had been an erosion of support among owners of the team. There was reluctance on part of leaders to implement any change. There is no more interest in the proposal and it is not raised. Expiration of the collective argument bargaining would assist in determining the decision in the future. It would be interesting to see what happens in the future whether there would beany change or not.

NFL Playoff – You need to more about postseason games

The NFL Playoffs 2019 is around the corner. It is not so easy too early to prediction the NFL playoff picture 2019. Who’s for real in this year’s version of the NFC and AFC playoff race? If you want to know which teams are in the playoff race in the National Football League stay with us.

Here’s everything you need to know about NFL Playoff 2018-19, to watch the postseason games, or follow along as we bring you the latest score, live updates, photos and video highlights in our recommended link’s if you like to follow.

NFL Playoff

Like many major leagues sports such as the NHL, NBA and MLB, the NFL has a tournament at the end of the regular season called the playoffs which will ultimately determine the winning team of the year (Superbowl champ) who will be granted a large trophy and bragging rights. However, the NFL is the only major league sport (out of the other three) that’s playoffs are single-elimination in all four rounds unlike the NHL, NBA and MLB who follow a “best-of” format instead.

Moving forward, there are many NFL playoff rules pertaining in the league. First and foremost, only 12 teams out of 32 (which is divided by 2 conference divisions) are allowed to be qualified for the playoffs with 6 (4 division champions from each conference and 2 wild-card qualifiers) from each of the NFL’s 2 conferences.

Secondly, if for some reason or by luck of chance there is 2 teams that have the same regular season record and there is only 1 spot for 1 team to advance to the playoffs then there are tie-breaking procedures that will take place such as detailed looks into both teams record versus common opponents and other criteria that will judge one team’s performance over the other.

Furthermore, if all else fails, there will be a coin toss up to decide who qualifies for the playoffs. Third and lastly, there are also rules that govern how overtime works in the NFL playoffs such as that any playoff games cannot end in a tie therefore additional overtime periods will be played until a winner is determined, either through a touchdown or a safety on first possession.

In conclusion, there are many rules that are strictly enforced in the NFL playoffs in order to ensure that the team most worth of winning is granted the title of Superbowl champion. Furthermore, without these rules, the NFL playoffs would be undeniably very unorganized and chaotic.

How to watch NFL Playoff 2019 games

You can watch the NFL Playoff live stream on FOX sports, CBS, NBC, ABC, ESPN’s watch app or NFL’s mobile app. If the NFL Network is part of your cable package, you can also 2018 NFL Playoff live stream the game through the NFL app on XBox, Apple TV, or Roku device on your TV.

Live NFL Games Today Where To Watch American Football Online Free


The National Football League, commonly referred to as the NFL, is a very popular sports league for American football players in the United States. It is the highest level of professional American football in the world and is one of the largest sports leagues in the United States. The NFL consists of 32 teams, with 16 teams in the American Football Conference and 16 teams in the National Football Conference. The NFL was formed in 1920 and was originally known as the APFA, or American Professional Football Association. It merged with the American Football League in 1966 to become the organization that it is today.

The teams in the NFL play from September to December in their regular season, which is 17 weeks long. Each team plays 16 games during this time period and sits out one week. After the regular season is over, the six highest-ranking teams that year advance to the playoffs. These teams are the winners from each of the four divisions and two ‘wild card’ teams who have the best records from that year. They then play a single elimination tournament that culminates in the Super Bowl in late January or early February. The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sports events in the world and has become a major television event and celebration for people in the United States and around the world. These teams also play preseason exhibition games before the regular season starts.

Players in the NFL are chosen from a draft of college football players in April of each year. The draft pick order is determined by a team’s previous season record. There are seven rounds of draft picks, and each team gets one pick in each round. The previous year’s Super Bowl teams are always the last to pick in each round. Supplemental drafts are also held throughout the year.

American Football is not only a game and National Football (NFL) is the most popular, professional and expensive franchises football league in the world. Forbes Reported the Dallas Cowboys is the most valuable football club in this planet. Where to stream NFL games live online free? Here is the the best place to watch NFL games today live football streaming TV channel and more.

How to watch live Sunday Day games on FOX and CBS

It is crucial for an NFL fan to have an insight on the channels that are showing the different games. NFL website provides detailed information about the game broadcasting to increasing the viewing in the US and globally. To catch the Sunday games that are played during the day, you can tune to FOX and CBS. The two channels have the rights to broadcast the Sunday Day games requiring one willing to watch to have the subscription to the channels. FOX and CBS channels are available on different on-demand TV streaming to make it possible for people to watch the Sunday day games. The streaming services that have the two channels are PlayStation Vue, Fubo TV, DirecTV Now, Hulu TV and Sling TV. It is crucial to use the services to watch the Sunday day games broadcasted by FOX and CBS. The cable TVs have the channels where one can enjoy the game in the comfort of your home. FOX will have to pay $1.15 billion annually for the Sunday Day games package which is an increase of the rights from $720.3 million. CBS will have to pay $1.08 billion for the similar package which is an increase from $619.8 million.

Sunday Night football live on NBC

NBC has the right to air the Sunday night games where the TV subscribers can catch the games. The antenna of the TV is used to provide the needed network to get the NBC channel to view the football games. The annual fee of NBC was increased to $1.05 billion from $603 million with the aim of increasing the experience of the football lovers. NBC has a plan that will ensure fans enjoy the NFL games starting from the Thanksgiving night game and all other Sunday Night games in the regular season. The online network streaming service has the NBC channels which increase the number which sees the NFL Sunday Night games. It is possible for one to log in using the different TV subscriber in the region and watch live streaming of NBC channel. The schedule on NBC is used to provide a guideline to the users of the NFL games to watch and the time it is airing on the channel. NFL and NBC partnerships make it possible for the local viewers to enjoy the game using the channel.

Monday Night football live on ESPN

ESPN is a channel that is dedicated to offering sports news and highlight to the users. The company has acquired an NFL franchise to air the Monday Night football games. Being the only channel broadcasting the Monday night games it has increased the number of viewing locally and internationally. The deal with NFL is worth $1.9 billion annually with the aim of enhancing the popularity of the game and the channel in the US. The package has provided ESPN with the needed level of market share through the high number viewing the channel Monday night football. The company can accomplish the desired production level through the use of appropriate technologies to increase the market share. ESPN has become famous by airing the Monday night NFL games to the US and global consumers which makes it a channel of choice to many football lovers on Monday night. ESPN is available on different TV subscribers and online networks that offer the pay on demand TV streaming. The broadcast deals with NFL have benefits ESPN and football fans due to the increased availability of games in the channel.

How to watch Thursday Night football live NBC and CBS

NBC and CBS have the right of showing the Thursday night football to increase the coverage of the NFL games. The NBC increased the NFL package which made the channel to show the Thursday night games to the different users. NFL made it clear that NBC and CBS will have to share the Thursday games which are meant to provide wide coverage of the sport. The sharing of broadcasting rights provides NBC and CBS with the needed resources to air high-quality games to the football lovers. The channels are available on online networks and TV subscriber which increases the viewing rate in the US. Proper coverage of the game, highlights and other vital information of the NFL teams make the channels preferred for the Thursday night football watching. The ability to keep the fans with the latest information of their teams has contributed to the channels effectively running the Thursday night NFL games. NFL provided five games package to NBC and CBS with the aim of providing the games to the football lovers considering the games schedule. Game allocation depends on the kick off which is meant to increase the viewing of the game locally and internationally.

Why & How to watch NFL live stream via PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue has been made compatible with Windows or Mac computer which increases the number of people willing to use the service. The evaluation of consumer needs assists in coming up with services that will enhance the profitability of the company. Starting from $10 one can stream the NFL games from the channels available in the PlayStation Vue website and application. The packages of PlayStation Vue have the five stations which show the NFL games making it a good option to catch the action. The local station on the streaming service provides the needed information and live game to the users. You can enjoy the games based on the package used where the higher the package, the more channels it has to stream the football games. To watch the games using the PlayStation Vue you are required to sign up and pay the subscription fee. The email is used by PlayStation Vue to offer service to the consumers by signing up using an email. PlayStation Vue is developed by Sony Company making it secure and reliable to watch the football games.

Why & How to watch NFL live stream via Fubo TV

The streaming service by Fubo TV is meant to offer services that will increase the viewing in the US. Fubo TV is an online TV streaming service which presents sports live action and highlights to the consumers. It is important for one to use a cable television that supports internet broadcasting to enjoy the services by Fubo TV. An increase in the number of people willing to use the pay on demand broadcasting services made Fubo TV to develop the internet TV. The internet television provides the free trial to the people where one can stream the favorite NFL team playing. Fubo TV application ensures that football lovers can catch the games using the different devices supposed by the company. Television guide is used by Fubo TV to have an increased number of people who can catch the live action of the company. There are over 70 channels from Fubo TV which are used in offering the service to the football fans. You can get the NFL games live from Fubo TV using the website or the application of the company. The ability to fit many devices increases the number of people able to use the internet television to stream the NFL games live.

Why & How to watch NFL live stream DirecTV Now

The streaming service intends at increasing the number of people watching the NFL games. DirecTV Now is available to the US subscribers starting from $35 per month. The streaming is done using cable channels which are common in the US requiring one to have a cable to get the service. Advanced technology is used in providing the needed modification that will improve the quality of live streaming offered by the television company. The focus on quality streaming has made DirecTV Now to be a great choice for the US subscribers to catch the different football games. You can watch the football games from the over 65 channels offered by the TV company. It is possible to access the DirecTV Now account online which increases the number of people watching the game live. The subscriber can control the service offered once one gets the preferred bundle in the market. For NFL lovers you can watch channels showing the games by using DirecTV Now streaming service. There is no contract and installation needed to start steaming the football matches. One can enjoy games of the favorite team using different devices such as the computer, smartphones, tablets and big screen as they are compatible with DirecTV Now.

Why & How to watch NFL live stream on Hulu TV

Hulu TV can offer cable channels and streaming services to the consumers. The subscription start from $7.99 to $39.99 which depends on the channels one is willing to watch using the service. Hulu TV has over 50 channels including the CBS Sports Network, FOX, ESPN, and NBC showing the NFL games. The live programming is provided by the company intends at increasing the market share in the US. The on-demand streaming is available in the US and Japan to increase the number of people watching the NFL games. Content originality makes Hulu a good option to use in streaming the different games available in the NFL schedule. There are several subscription options to meet the diverse capabilities of the users. The higher the subscription cost, the higher the number of channels available for streaming. To maximize on entertainment, you are required to take up with great packages that will provide diverse channels to stream the NFL games. The on-demand streaming to using the live TV makes Hulu TV acquire an increased market share in the US and Japan markets. Hulu TV is easy to use as you are required to click the game you intend to watch live when the device is connected to the internet.

Why & How to watch NFL live stream on Sling

Sling TV on-demand streaming service provides the subscribers with an option to watch the available NFL games. The channels with rights to show the football games are available on Sling TV requiring one to make an effort to use the service. Sling TV is a dish service that has evolved to satisfy the changing needs of the consumers. Sling TV introduced the Sling Player that is used in streaming the on-demand television channels. The NFL channel and ESPN are available in the channels provided by Sling TV in their subscription bouquet. Sling TV offers free trials and no cost of signing up for the service. The packages start from $20 and you can increase the number of sports channels using Sling TV by subscribing to the Orange package at $40.the NFL lovers are provided with the NFL RedZone at an extra cost of $10 to increase the number of game coverage. It is crucial to use the NFL RedZone in catching all the games played by your favorite team using the Sling TV streaming service.

How to watch Verizon mobile NFL live stream

Verizon has made it possible for a football fan to stream all the NFL games live on your smartphones. Verizon agreed on a deal of $1.5 billion to stream the NFL games for five years. The service is available for Android and iOS mobile phones with the aim of satisfying the needs of fans to catch the football games through smartphones streaming. You are required to use Verizon network to catch the action from clicking on the intended game to watch. The service has made it possible for fans to stream the action on game day which is crucial in increasing the popularity of the game. The NFL Mobile has increased the watching of games using the smartphones. To get the NFL RedZone, you can purchase it on the app for $1.99 monthly. You can now catch all the NFL games on your mobile phone using the Verizon network. The subscribers of Verizon can stream the sport league games using their phones for increased customer satisfaction. The additional service by Verizon to stream the NFL games aims at increasing the market share of the company in the telecommunication industry. The deal for mobile streaming of NFL games using Verizon network started from January 2018 to all the customers of the company.

NFL playoff games and Super Bowl 2019 game live streaming will be available soon here.

NFL draft 2018 – Watch online every picks from start to finish

The hotly anticipated NFL draft 2018 is just hours away and you can’t miss the live action of such a popular game. For the first time, the event will be taking place in Arlington, Texas and we are here to help you get the live coverage of this event. The 2018 NFL draft officially begins on Thursday, April 26, and runs through Saturday, April 28.

For the annual selection, it will take place at 7 p.m. E.T (Friday: Rounds 2-3, Saturday, 12 p.m: Rounds 4-7) and Commissioner Roger Goodell will be on stage to perform it. You can catch the live action of this on NFL Network, ESPN Deportes, ESPN2, and ESPN. However, if you lack cable you can enjoy the live event using a free trial with FuboTV.

How to watch the 2018 NFL Draft

Friday: NFL Network, FOX Sports, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Deportes
Saturday: NFL Network, ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Deportes

Live stream: fuboTV (Try for free).

Additionally, CBS Sports HQ will also be covering the live stream of the NFL draft for the entire three days. The event will be commencing on a Thursday, April 26, 7 p. m, all the way to Sunday 1 a. m. Plan your time well and get the exclusive live breakdown of all the activities from the famous Dallas Cowboys’ home stadium.

Here’s the full pick-by-pick results. We’ve got everything you need to know to follow the draft from start to finish.

Pick No. 100: The Chiefs select Dorian O’Daniel, Clemson OLB.

Pick No. 99: The Broncos select Isaac Yiadom, Boston College CB.

Pick No. 98: The Texans select Jordan Akins, UCF TE.

Pick No. 97: The Cardinals select Mason Cole, Michigan C.

Pick No. 96: The Bills select Harrison Phillips, Stanford DT.

Pick No. 95: The 49ers select Tarvarius Moore, Southern Miss S.

Pick No. 94: The Bucs select Alex Cappa, Humboldt State OT.

Pick No. 93: The Jaguars select Ronnie Harrison, Alabama S.

Pick No. 92: The Steelers select Chukwuma Okorafor, WMU OT.

Pick No. 91: The Saints select Tre’Quan Smith, UCF WR.

Pick No. 90: The Falcons select Deadrin Senat, USF DT.

Pick No. 89: The Rams select Joe Noteboom, TCU OT.

Pick No. 88: The Packers select Oren Burks, Vanderbilt OLB.

Pick No. 87: The Raiders select Arden Key, LSU DE.

Pick No. 86: The Ravens select Mark Andrews, Oklahoma TE.

Pick No. 85: The Panthers select Rashaan Gaulden, Tennessee CB.

Pick No. 84: The Chargers select Justin Jones, NC State DT.

Pick No. 83: The Ravens select Orlando Brown, Oklahoma OT.

Pick No. 82: The Lions select Tracy Walker, UL Lafayette S.

Pick No. 81: The Cowboys select Michael Gallup, Colorado State WR.

Pick No. 80: The Texans select Martinas Rankin, Mississippi State OT.

Pick No. 79: The Seahawks select Rasheem Green, USC DE.

Picks No. 77 and 78: The Bengals select Sam Hubbard, Ohio State DE, and Malik Jefferson, Oklahoma State OLB.

Pick No. 76: The Steelers select Mason Rudolph, Oklahoma State QB.

77. Cincinnati Bengals: DE Sam Hubbard, Ohio State

78. Cincinnati Bengals: LB Malik Jefferson, Texas

79. Seattle Seahawks (trade down): DL Rasheem Green, USC

80. Houston Texans: OL Martinas Rankin, Mississippi State

81. Dallas Cowboys: WR Michael Gallup, Colorado State

82. Detroit Lions: DB Tracy Walker, Louisiana-Lafayette

83. Baltimore Ravens: OL Orlando Brown, Oklahoma

84. Los Angeles Chargers: DL Justin Jones, N.C. State

85. Carolina Panthers: CB Rashaan Gaulden, Tennessee

86. Baltimore Ravens (trade down): TE Mark Andrews, Oklahoma

87. Oakland Raiders (trade up): EDGE Arden Key, LSU

88. Green Bay Packers (trade up): LB Oren Burks, Vanderbilt

89. Los Angeles Rams (trade down): OL Joseph Noteboom, TCU

90. Atlanta Falcons: DL Deadrin Senat, USF

91. New Orleans Saints: WR Tre’Quan Smith, UCF

92. Pittsburgh Steelers: OL Chukwuma Okorafor, Western Michigan

93. Jacksonville Jaguars: S Ronnie Harrison, Alabama

94. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (trade up): OL Alex Cappa, Humboldt Staet

95. San Francisco 49ers: S Tarvarius Moore, Southern Miss

96. Buffalo Bills: DL Harrison Phillips, Stanford

97. Arizona Cardinals: C Mason Cole, Michigan

98. Houston Texans: TE Jordan Atkins, UCF

99. Denver Broncos: CB Isaac Yiadom, Boston College

100. Kansas City Chiefs (trade up): LB Dorian O’Daniel, Clemson

How to watch NFL draft live on NFL Network

NFL channels alongside FOX and ESPN will actually be the official TV channels where you can watch the live action of the NFL draft from Dallas Cowboys’ home stadium Arlington, Texas. All you have to do is signup to the NFL Network and if possible you can subscribe so that you can get all the live feeds.

Carolina panthers Tickets

How to watch 2018 NFL draft on Fubo TV.

Fubo TV will actually offer you a live access to the event through live streaming online. All you have to do is to sign up and register for a seven days trial and you will actually get to watch the live action.

NFL Draft 2018: Mock draft, time, Date, TV channel

The NFL draft 2018 will begins at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday Apr 26. The second round begins on Friday at 7 p.m. ET. The third round on Saturday Apr 28 takes starts at noon ET on Saturday. The draft will take place in Arlington, Texas in this year.

This year’s ESPN, NFL Network and Fox will be televised the NFL draft 2018 and will broadcast on ESPN and the NFL Network. Watch NFL Network on fubotv (Try it free).

Perhaps no other sporting event as is highly anticipated by college students as the National Football League draft. This is because it is by far the most common source of new players for the NFL sides. As such, it is closely followed by many people throughout the United States.

Given the limited reliability of the traditional media channels such as radio and television, the internet platform remains by far the most viable alternative. We are going to discuss the various online channels through which you may access the NFL Draft live stream.

The National Football League does maintain an official website through which it streams all of its sporting events. These contents are availed to you free of charge and are also devoid of commercials. You may, therefore, log on to the site and stream the content at no cost at all. All you need to do is to follow this link:

Apart from the official website, NFL also maintains a YouTube channel. It posts videos of past games which you may access and watch for free. From time to time, it also streams live contents through the channel. You may also consider trying it out. The following link provides the much-needed starting point:

Fox Sports dedicates a page of its website exclusively to matters NFL draft. You may visit the page via the following link to view the upcoming event.

It is free to access and requires no subscription fee.

Just like Fox Sports, ESPN also dedicates a page to matters NFL draft. You may catch those events up by visiting that page. Simply follow this link to get started:

Several sites also exist on the internet through which you may view these tournaments absolutely free. Some of the sites that are more likely to stream these events are Veemi, Veetle, and Mips. They require no subscription plan and are hence cheaper and non-binding. On the flipside, they are not so reliable in that they may not be licensed to supply certain contents.

Some companies avail their content via the paid internet television. They too do stream the NFL draft content via their constituent television partners. Some of them are Apple TV, Roku, Boxee, Hotstar, Bioscope, Google TV, and so on. You may consider purchasing a subscription plan to watch these contents via them. These channels are more reliable notwithstanding the fact that they are expensive to afford.

The choice of the right channel rests squarely with you. It is you to determine which channel best mirrors your unique preferences and liking. Generally speaking though, select a paid subscription alternative if you intend to watch the NFL Draft live stream indefinitely. They are more reliable and are less likely to let you down.

You need to watch NFL Draft 2018 order, picks for all 7 rounds

1. Cleveland Browns

2. New York Giants

3. New York Jets (from Indianapolis Colts)

4. Cleveland Browns (from Houston Texans)

5. Denver Broncos

6. Indianapolis Colts (from New York Jets)

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

8. Chicago Bears

9. San Francisco 49ers

10. Oakland Raiders

11. Miami Dolphins

12. Buffalo Bills (from Cincinnati Bengals)

13. Washington Redskins

14. Green Bay Packers

15. Arizona Cardinals

16. Baltimore Ravens

17. Los Angeles Chargers

18. Seattle Seahawks

19. Dallas Cowboys

20. Detroit Lions

21. Cincinnati Bengals (from Buffalo Bills)

22. Buffalo Bills (from Kansas City Chiefs)

23. New England Patriots (from Los Angeles Rams)

24. Carolina Panthers

25. Tennessee Titans

26. Atlanta Falcons

27. New Orleans Saints

28. Pittsburgh Steelers

29. Jacksonville Jaguars

30. Minnesota Vikints

31. New England Patriots

32. Philadelphia Eagles

33. Cleveland Browns

34. New York Giants

35. Cleveland Browns (from Houston Texans)

36. Indianapolis Colts

37. Indianapolis Colts (from New York Jets)

38. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

39. Chicago Bears

40. Denver Broncos

41. Oakland Raiders

42. Miami Dolphins

43. New England Patriots (from San Francisco 49ers)

44. Washington Redskins

45. Green Bay Packers

46. Cincinnati Bengals

47. Arizona Cardinals

48. Los Angeles Chargers

49. Indianapolis Colts (from New York Jets through Seattle Seahawks)

50. Dallas Cowboys

51. Detroit Lions

52. Baltimore Ravens

53. Buffalo Bills

54. Kansas City Chiefs

55. Carolina Panthers

56. Buffalo Bills (from Los Angeles Rams)

57. Tennessee Titans

58. Atlanta Falcons

59. San Francisco 49ers (from New Orleans Saints)

60. Pittsburgh Steelers

61. Jacksonville Jaguars

62. Minnesota Vikints

63. New England Patriots

64. Cleveland Browns (from Philadelphia Eagles)

Round 3
65. Buffalo Bills (from Cleveland Browns)

66. New York Giants

67. Indianapolis Colts

68. Houston Texans

69. New York Giants (from Buffalo Bills)

70. San Francisco 49ers (from Chicago Bears)

71. Denver Broncos

72. New York Jets

73. Miami Dolphins

74. San Francisco 49ers

75. Oakland Raiders

76. Green Bay Packers

77. Cincinnati Bengals

78. Kansas City Chiefs (from Washington Redskins)

79. Arizona Cardinals

80. Houston Texans (from Seattle Seahawks)

81. Dallas Cowboys

82. Detroit Lions

83. Baltimore Ravens

84. Los Angeles Chargers

85. Carolina Panthers (from Buffalo Bills)

86. Kansas City Chiefs

87. Los Angeles Rams

88. Carolina Panthers

89. Tennessee Titans

90. Atlanta Falcons

91. New Orleans Saints

92. Pittsburgh Steelers

93. Jacksonville Jaguars

94. Minnesota Vikings

95. New England Patriots

96. Buffalo Bills (from Philadelphia Eagles)

97. Arizona Cardinals (Compensatory)

98. Houston Texans (Compensatory)

99. Denver Broncos (Compensatory)

100. Cincinnati Bengals (Compensatory)

Round 4
101. Green Bay Packers (from Cleveland Browns)

102. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

103. Houston Texans

104. Indianapolis Colts

105. Chicago Bears

106. Denver Broncos

107. New York Jets

108. New York Giants

109. Denver Broncos (from San Francisco 49ers)

110. Oakland Raiders

111. Los Angeles Rams (from Miami Dolphins)

112. Cincinnati Bengals

113. Washington Redskis

114. Cleveland Browns (from Green Bay Packers)

115. Chicago Bears (from Arizona Cardinals)

116. Dallas Cowboys

117. Detroit Lions

118. Baltimore Ravens

119. Los Angeles Chargers

120. Seattle Seahawks

121. Buffalo Bills

122. Kansas City Chiefs

123. Miami Dolphins (from Cleveland Browns through Carolina Panthers)

124. Kansas City Chiefs (from Los Angeles Rams)

125. Tennessee Titans

126. Atlanta Falcons

127. New Orleans Saints

128. San Francisco 49ers (from Pittsburgh Steelers)

129. Jacksonville Jaguars

130. Philadelphia Eagles (from Minnsota Vikings)

131. Miami Dolphins (from New England Patriots through Philadelphia Eagles)

132. Philadelphia Eagles

133. Green Bay Pacers (Compensatory)

134. Arizona Cardinals (Compensatory)

135. Los Angeles Rams (from New York Giants–Compensatory)

136. Los Angeles Rams (from New England Patriots–Compensatory)

137. Dallas Cowboys (Compensatory)

Round 5
138. Green Bay Packers (from Cleveland Browns)

139. New York Giants

140. Indianapolis Colts

141. Seattle Seahawks (from Houston Texans)

142. Denver Broncos

143. San Francisco 49ers (from New York Jets)

144. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

145. Chicago Bears

146. Seattle Seahawks (from Oakland Raiders)

147. New Orleans Saints (from Miami Dolphins)

148. Pittsburgh Steelers (from San Francisco 49ers)

149. Washington Redskins

150. Cleveland Browns (from Green Bay Packers)

151. Cincinnati Bengals

152. Arizona Cardinals

153. Detroit Lions

154. Baltimore Ravens

155. Los Angeles Chargers

156. Seattle Seahawks (from Philadelphia Eagles through Seahawks)

157. New York Jets (from Dallas Cowboys)

158. Cincinnati Bengals (from Buffalo Bills)

159. New England Patriots (from Cleveland Browns through Kansas City Chiefs)

160. Denver Broncos (from Los Angeles Rams)

161. Carolina Pantherss

162. Tennessee Titans

163. Denver Broncos (from Atlanta Falcons)

164. New Orleans Saints

165. Pittsburgh Steelers

166. Buffalo Bills (from Jacksonville Jaguars)

167. Minnesota Vikings

168. Seattle Seahawks (from New England Patriots)

169. Philadelphia Eagles

170. Cincinnati Bengals (Compensatory)

171. Dallas Cowboys (Compensatory)

172. Green Bay Packers (Compensatory)

173. Dallas Cowboys (Compensatory)

174. Green Bay Packers (Compensatory)

Round 6
175. Cleveland Browns

176. Los Angels Rams (from New York Giants)

177. Houston Texans

178. Indianapolis Colts

179. New York Jets

180. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

181. Chicago Bears

182. Denver Broncos

183. Los Angeles Rams (from Miami Dolphins)

184. San Francisco 49ers

185. Oakland Raiders

186. Green Bay Packers

187. Buffalo Bills (from Cincinnati Bengals)

188. Washington Redskins

189. New Orleans Saints (from Arizona Cardinals)

190. Baltimore Ravens

191. Los Angeles Chargers

192. Oakland Raiders (from Seattle Seahawks)

193. Dallas Cowboys

194. Los Angeles Rams (from Detroit Lions)

195. Los Angeles Rams (from Buffalo Bills)

196. Los Angeles Rams (from Kansas City Chiefs)

197. Carolina Panthres

198. New England Patriots (from Los Angeles Rams)

199. Tennessee Titans

200. Atlanta Falcons

201. New Orleans Saints

202. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

203. Jacksonville Jaguars

204. Minnesota Vikings

205. Cleveland Browns (from New England Patriots)

206. Philadelphia Eagles

207. Green Bay Packers (Compensatory)

208. Dallas Cowboys (Compensatory)

209. Miami Dolphins (from Los Angeles Rams through Kansas City Chiefs (Compensatory)

210. Oakland Raiders (Compensatory)

211. Houston Texans (Compensatory)

212. Oakland Raiders (Compensatory)

213. Minnesota Vikings (Compensatory)

214. Houston Texans (Compensatory)

215. Baltimore Ravens (Compensatory)

216. Oakland Raiders (Compensatory)

217. Oakland Raiders (Compensatory)

218. Minnesota Vikings (Compensatory)

Round 7
219. New England Patriots (from Cleveland Browns)

220. Pittsburgh Steelers (from New York Giants)

221. Indianapolis Colts

222. Houston Texans

223. San Francisco 49ers (from Miami Dolphins through Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

224. Chicago Bears

225. Denver Broncos

226. Seattle Seahawks (from New York Jets)

227. Miami Dolphins (from San Francisco 49ers)

228. Oakland Raiders

229. Miami Dolphins

230. Jacksonville Jaguars (Cincinnati Bengals)

231. Washington Redskins

232. Green Bay Packers

233. Kansas City Chiefs (from Arizona Cardinals)

234. Carolina Panthers (Los Angeles Chargers through Buffalo Bills)

235. New York Jets (from Seattle Seahawks)

236. Dallas Cowboys

237. Detroit Lions

238. Baltimore Ravens

239. Green Bay Packers (from Buffalo Bills)

240. San Francisco 49ers (Kansas City Chiefs)

241. Washington Redskins (from Los Angeles Rams)

242. Carolina Panthers

243. Kansas City Chiefs (from Tennessee Titans)

244. Atlanta Falcons

245. New Orleans Saints

246. Pittsburgh Steelers

247. Jacksonville Jaguars

248. Seattle Seahawks (from Minnesota Vikings)

249. Cincinnati Bengals (from New England Patriots)

250. Philadelphia Eagles (from Seattle Seahawks through Eagles, Seahawks and New England Patriots)

251. Los Angeles Chargers (Compensatory)

252. Cincinnati Bengals (Compensatory)

253. Cincinnati Bengals (Compensatory)

254. Arizona Cardinals (Compensatory)

255. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Compensatory)

256. Atlanta Falcons (Compensatory)

NFL regular-season schedule 2018 – release time, date

The 2018 NFL regular-season full schedule will be soon here.

The NFL regular season schedule 2018 will be announced exclusively on NFL Network and Thursday Night Football schedule on FOX and NFL Network and will be hosted by Scott Hanson and feature NFL Network analysts Kurt Warner, Steve Mariucci and Maurice Jones-Drew and also presented by Verizon at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday, including the 18-game, the top matchups and prime-time games.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said the two teams (Chiefs and Rams) would play in Mexico City on Monday Night Football during his State of the NFL press conference ahead of Super Bowl 52.

Watch NFL live online NFL Network with fuboTV

“We are thrilled to be a part of the NFL’s international initiatives once again, and we are excited to face the Rams at historic Estadio Azteca this fall,” Chiefs chairman and CEO Clark Hunt said in January’s statement. “The support for the NFL in Mexico has grown significantly since our initial trip in 1996. We look forward to returning to Mexico and connecting with a new generation of fans this season.”

The announcement comes after last week’s unveiling of the 2018 preseason schedule.

NFL Draft

National Football League Draft

The NFL draft is also known as the Player Selection Meeting is an event held once every year allowing all NFL teams a chance to sign successful college football players. This method of recruitment is the most common way of recruiting players. The position a team finished in the last season determines a draft position in reverse order. The NFL team that was last in the season standings gets first to pick. This rule is the part where things get interesting as a team can either select a player, trade the position to other teams in return for different picks in the draft, a player(s), or any possible combinations of the same. An NFL draft process is said to be complete once all teams have traded a draft position or selected a player. This process has changed since 1936, and the current process has seven rounds. The beauty of this draft is that the team that performed poorly signs the top player and balances competition between teams. Today, the popularity of the draft is such a level that it’s even aired live on mainstream media. Taking a stroll down memory lane, this was usually not the norm. In the 1930s players were drafted into professional football via print media, rudimentary evidence, and hearsay. The process progressed in the 1940s when the concept of scouts was adopted. The early drafts order salary negotiations did not follow any set rules and players wanted to sign with the highest paying team. Kenny Washington was the first African-American player to play in the NFL through the draft pick process. The NFL constitution adopted the existing rules and in 1942, “Bullet Bill” Dudley became the first player to picked first overall.

NFL Draft

Scouting Era Begins (1946-1959)

Dan Reeves of the Los Angeles Rams signed Eddie Kotal as the first signed player scout. There existed two football leagues, the NFL and AAFC and it was complicating the draft process. The competing leagues resulted in the creation of a bonus pick. Draft picks as at that time had an option of signing with either NFL or AAFC. The 1949 NFL draft thirteenth round saw the first African-American, George Taliaferro decide to pass on a chance to play for NFL and sign with an AAFC team. The nineteenth round pick, Wall Triplett became the first African-American to be selected in an NFL draft and proceed to sign for a professional NFL team. From the introductory statement, it’s clear that the NFL draft process is not the only way a player gets signed to a professional NFL team. Before the start of the 1949 NFL draft season, Paul “Tank” Younger became the first free agent to be signed from a historically black college. Coach Grambling of the LA Rams made it clear Paul that his performance would directly affect how black colleges’ players would get drafted in the league.

Technology (1960-1979)

The 1960 National Football League draft held in Philadelphia was very competitive affair because of the imminent arrival of the American Football League (AFL). The draft saw half of the players drafted in the first round and other many players sign with the new AFL. “Mr. Irrelevant” was a term coined in 1976 by Paul Salata referring to players selected last in the draft.

Current Format

All players drafted to the NFL have played college football though the rules don’t make this a mandatory NFL rule. Most of these colleges are in the USA and occasionally Canadian Universities. Rules also permit players who have since left high school up to 3 years to qualify for the NFL draft. Sometimes it happens that players who play in Canadian football League, German Football League, and Arena Football League are also included in the NFL draft if they possess the required abilities. Players who show exceptional skill and abilities even from other sports can get drafted to the NFL. Since the rules state that, a player must have stayed for three years after leaving high school, they do not explicitly specify what a player should do within that tenure. A player who was completed red-shirt sophomore year within the three years improves a player’s eligibility.

Rules for determining draft order

A team reaching the playoff and its win-loss record in the previous season determine the selection order of the draft. A reverse order applies to teams that didn’t make the playoffs based on their win-loss record. The team with the lowest wins gets the first pick. It’s possible that teams achieve identical records after the season is over. Therefore, the below rules apply in the order stated to break the tie.

  1. The strength of the schedule. It refers to the all sixteen opponents combined win and loss in the previous season. The team’s opponents with fewer wins also known as a lower strength of schedule get the earlier draft position in the first round.
  2. The teams record against opponents from the same division in common games.

III. The teams record against opponents from the same conference in common games.

  1. The final rule that happens at the pre-draft NFL Combine is a coin flip(s).

For teams that were in the playoff in the previous seasons, the determination of the draft order is in the order they were eliminated. Early eliminated teams get the first pick, and in case of a tiebreaker, the above rules apply in that order. That means the super bowl champion gets the last pick.

These above rules apply in each subsequent round. There is an exception to this flow for teams with ties. Among the teams with ties, the order alternates in each round to ensure fairness, e.g., if three teams have a tie, the team that get’s priority in the first round comes last in the second round and alternate till the rounds are over like it happened in 2014. The exception to the above rule occurs when ‘expansion teams’ are included. Expansion teams qualify for the first selection. If they are two, a coin toss decides, but if they are three or more, a drawing of lots is the deciding factor. The loser of the coin toss and the winner of the drawing of lots are awarded the first selection. Quarterback draft picks are paid higher salaries compared to other field positions and the player who is the first pick gets the richest contract while other rounds salary figures are determined by previous year picks. The 2010 draft was the longest as it happened over a period of three days.


Timing is an exciting, fun activity in the National Football League draft process. Each team has representatives in the draft and time taken to make a decision is a key determiner. In round one, a team has ten minutes to choose who to sign, round two a team has 7 minutes, and in round three a team is granted five minutes. What this means is that if your teams allocated time expires before making a decision, the next team that was to pick may select a player that was being considered by the representatives of the earlier team. The team that delayed can still submit their pick but has to be available on the list assuming the player has not been ‘stolen’ already. Some of the reason the above scenario can happen is a delay in negotiating a trade. 2003 and 2011 saw Minnesota Vikings, and Baltimore Ravens fail to submit their selections respectively within their allocated time.

Pick Trades

The NFL rules permit teams to negotiate for the right to select an additional player in a specific round before and during the draft. For example, a team interested in a particular player in a trading period may offer draft picks in future drafts. It’s also possible for teams to forego a right to pick in a specific round so that they have an additional pick in a later round. It renders a team to have no pick in a specific round or multiple picks in particular rounds.

Compensatory Picks

32 compensatory picks qualify to be selected by teams that gained or lost players in free agency in addition to the 32 selections for each of the seven rounds. ‘Unrestricted free agents’ known as compensatory free agents (CFA) are defined thanks to a proprietary formula. A team that has lost CFAs who were better than what they had signed the previous year have picks between third and seventh round. If the value of CFAs lost is higher than that gained a team is awarded picks in the seventh round. Note that compensatory picks are not in tandem with the draft process but three or four weeks before the draft. Compensatory pick process is done every year at the NFL’s annual meeting. Compensatory picks of the 2017 National Football League draft are now tradable. A proprietary formula determines the placement pick based on factors such as postseason honors, a player’s salary and playing time. Supplementary compensatory selections now are awarded in the eighth round after the compensatory picks. In 2016 there were 33 compensatory picks, one more than the standard 32 compensatory picks.

Team policies

The teams themselves determine the team policies. One can find different selection methodologies between teams. Participating representatives may or may not include coaches, owners, and general managers. Team politics on who in the team has the final say are on full display at this stage. Art Rooney Junior had ‘the final say’ even over his father over picks in 1983 NFL draft for Pittsburgh Steelers as described by the team coach. The same year, Tony Eason was signed as a quarterback by the New England Patriots in the first round by team owner a decision which the team coach disagreed. The then patriot’s coach even claims that coaching staff was prohibited from reading scouting reports.

NFL Draft Advisory Board Decisions

The board is composed of team executives and scouting experts. The mandate of this Board is to make predictions of which round a player can be drafted. The college football players who wish to enter NFL but are still eligible to play have the opportunity to seek an expert opinion from this Board. The view provided by this Board is usually reasonably accurate, and college players can be able to see their rankings. If the classification feedback shows a college player can qualify for the draft, the player concerned can either continue playing in college or enter the draft. The Board can also serve as an opportunity to get close to the top scouting experts who can give a player exposure if his talents are immense.

The NFL draft process has been fine-tuned over the years, making it the most popular NFL recruiting platform. A player who wishes to attain his dream of playing in the NFL should put in the effort and get acquitted with the draft process. The 2018 NFL draft shall take place at the AT&T stadium from April 26 to April 28 and shall be the 83rd annual meeting. Now is a fascinating period for the football fans, scouts and analysts to come up with their mock drafts and predictions in preparation for the big day.

It can’t get more fun than what the NFL offers. It’s the only sport in the world (relatively speaking) thanks to its structure, provides every team a chance to win the coveted Super Bowl. I believe other global sports can borrow a leaf from the NFL way of doing things, England football league, yes I mean you England. Every season there are diverse stories that get fans attached. The 2017/18 that just ended most gripping tale was the underdog tag given to a particular team in Philly a topic we won’t dwell into today. Nevertheless, all these stories of our beloved NFL stars start with the draft. Thanks to growth in digital media, we are witnessing selection picks that even before being drafted are so popular and polarizing; If I go off topic, a good example being the 2017 NBA draft 2nd draft pick. Staying on topic, below is a write up about the National Football League draft.

When is the Super Bowl 2018? Early Preview for Patriots vs Eagles Game

The National football championship game for the National Football League (NFL) this year named Super Bowl LII is around the corner, take place in February 4, 2018 at U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. The American football final game is called by Super Bowl is the most popular sports event in the Planet. The Philadelphia Eagles are the best team from the National football conference will battle for the Vince Lombardi Trophy, the national title game against the American football conference champion the New England Patriots on Super Bowl Sunday.

All is set for the super bowl LII rematch after a long time in Super Bowl final since 2004 between the two teams, featuring the New England Patriots vs the Philadelphia Eagles which will take place early February. The contest is bringing together two teams with entirely different background history; the matchup is featuring defending champion and a club making its first appearance in the super bowl playoffs since 2013. The Patriots are not new to Super Bowl LII playoffs as they have been in this big matches eight times since 2001, meanwhile, the Eagles have not been able to reach this far since 2004. Both teams met in super bowl XXXIX where the Patriots won narrowly by 24-21, and now the Eagles are coming into this game for a revenge mission and prove a point.

Main things to know about the Super Bowl 2018 playoff

This football game will mean a lot for both teams; the Patriots are made the third Super bowl playoff in four years and are their primary focus is to defend their championship against the Eagles. This match will also be a high stake for the Eagles who have had a very successful season making ten comebacks which can be a motivating factor in this game despite being their first playoff since 2013. The big question is will the experience of patriots help them to bag another super bowl title? Or will the Eagles silent the defending champions?

Super Bowl 2018 start time

The pressure is too high for both teams; in super bowl playoffs, every team has its pressure from the fans and the coach as well. Patriots are now under pressure to defend their championship while Eagles are hoping to end their title dry spell. The expectations are high on each side expecting to carry the day; patriots are confidence due to the experience they have for big matches. Eagles are betting on their excellent performance this season to keep their spirit high ahead of the game.

Who will carry the day? The super bowl LII playoff match that everyone is waiting with a lot of expectations with everybody hoping the best for their favorite teams. The fact is patriots have more experience in big names since it’s their ninth time to appear in super bowl playoff and they are the defending champion. Eagles it’s their first time to appear in the playoffs since 2013, and they have been in good form this season which can help them silence their Patriots. The showdown will bring together Patriots with a lot of experience in big games and Eagles which can be said to have less experience in playing super bowl playoffs. Super bowl playoffs can be tricky to predict since teams are in good form but patriots may have high chances of carrying the day due to their experience in playing on big platforms. However, Eagles may surprise many considering their form and the games they have come back to win.

There is a lot to expect from patriots in this match considering their best player Tom Brandy who is currently leading NFL with 2, 208 yards, 15 touchdown passes and only two interceptions with a rating of 108.4. Brady has been a critical player in the last Super Bowl 2018, and coming event may not be exceptional. The one of the main difference between the Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles is the Patriots are better coached by Bill Belichick than the Eagles’ Doug Pederson. Eagles this season shows a lot of improvement and has the best defense and offense which can trouble patriots.


2018 Super Bowl Playoffs: Start Time, Date, Location, TV Channel

The Super Bowl 2018 is going to be the 52nd Super Bowl and the 48th modern-era NFL Playoff National Football League championship game. It will decide the AFC champion winner playing against the NFC champion winner for the 2017 NFL season. The 2018 Super Bowl football game is scheduled to be held on February 4, 2018 and will be the second Super Bowl at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota in Super history, which is previously, hosted Super Bowl XXVI in 1992.

The NFL Playoffs final game 2018 will be played in the sixth Super Bowl in a cold weather city and Minneapolis. You need to know, what day is super bowl 2018, NFL super bowl predictions, who is performing in the halftime show and who is singing the national anthem? TV channel and game time information below.

2018 Super bowl playoff teams: Super Bowl 52 will be played on Sunday, Feb. 4, 2018. It will the winners of Sunday’s AFC Championship game New England Patriots against and NFC Championship game Philadelphia Eagles.

What day is super bowl 2018: Sunday, Feb. 4, at 6:30 p.m.

TV Channel: The Super Bowl playoff will be televised by NBC TV channel.

2018 super bowl location: U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis

National Anthem: Pink will perform the National Anthem in Superbowl.

Halftime show performer: Justin Timberlake

Super Bowl 2018 start Time: Super Bowl 52 starts at 6:30 p.m. ET.


AFC Championship Game: Patriots vs Jaguars Playoff, Odds, Picks

The AFC Championship game is one of the most anticipated games of the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE (NFL), which is the United States’ largest professional football league. This Championship Game is one of the two semi-final playoff games of the NFL, which many sports fans look forward to watching. It’s played on the second last or penultimate Sunday of January to determine the champion of the AMERICAN FOOTBALL CONFERENCE (AFC). The resulting winner will then proceed to play the winner of the NATIONAL FOOTBALL CONFERENCE (NFC) championship game, that’s in the Super Bowl.

It was established in 1970 as part of the merger between the AMERICAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE (AFL) and the NFL, with the resulting merged league being realigned into two conferences. Remember that since 1984, the AFC Championship Game winner has also been the receiver of the Lamar Hunt Trophy. The trophy is named after the AFL’s founder who was also the Kansas City Chiefs longtime leader, Lamar Hunt. This award is among the prestigious that any team can look forward to receiving, meaning there is lots of competition.

Following the 1970 regular season, the first game was played. That’s after the merger between the (AMERICAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE) and NFL. Many sports fans and players consider it the previous AFL Championship successor. The results of the game are listed together in the Fact Book and yearly NFL record. Because the pre-merger NFL has six teams, the realignment was required at one of the conditions for the merger. The result was two conferences, which have similar numbers of teams. The NFL’s Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Colts and the Pittsburgh Steelers teamed up with the ten formerly AFL TEAMS TO come up with the AFC. The other 13 PRE-MERGER NFL teams went on to form the NFL.

AFC Championship Weekend
Game: Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots
Date and Time: Sunday, January 21, at 3:05 p.m. ET
TV/Live Stream: CBS, CBS All Access
Odds: New England (-9), O/U 46.5
Prediction: Patriots 30, Jaguars 21

How Jaguars Made the AFC Championship Game

This year, the Jaguars were the league’s leading team on defense in passing yards. They played one of their best seasons and allowed the third-fewest passing touchdowns. When it came to the interceptions, they were ranked second with 21. These games were especially appealing to the Jaguars fans, who cheered their team as it made its way to the AFC championship game. In the NFL table, they came second with 55 sacks and second when points allowed. It was a fantastic run for them, which was one thing that made their players and fans overjoyed.

NFL Playoff Picture, Schedule and Results
AFC Wild Card
No. 3 Jacksonville Jaguars 10, No. 6 Buffalo Bills 3
No. 5 Tennessee Titans 22, No. 4 Kansas City Chiefs 21
AFC Divisional Round
No. 1 New England Patriots 35, No. 5 Tennessee Titans 14
No. 3 Jacksonville Jaguars 45, No. 2 Pittsburgh Steelers 42
AFC Championship Schedule 2018
Sunday, January 21, at 3:05 p.m. ET on CBS: No. 3 Jacksonville Jaguars at No. 1 New England Patriots
Super Bowl 2018 Schedule
Sunday, February 4 at 6:30 p.m. ET on NBC: AFC champion vs. NFC champion at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

When you include the postseason, the Jaguars and the Patriots shared six opponents. They were the Steelers, Jets, Bills, Titans, and Chargers, and Texans. Against these teams, the Jaguars went 6-3 while the Patriots went 8-0. Keep in mind that these games were among those that were watched by millions.

One thing that was a shock in Pittsburgh was the Jaguars toppling the Steelers. It was one of the most talked happenings, which was great with the Jaguars. Remember that during the mid-season, there was a discussion by Mike Tomlin, in which he said that he expected to see the Patriots playing the AFC title game. Le’Veon Bell, the running quarterback, during the weekend, echoed these sentiments. Another player who went as far as guaranteeing a win over the Patriots is safety Mike Mitchell. However, it won’t be possible, seeing that a rematch will never happen.

The Jaguars outplayed the favored Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday and deserved to win. However, Pittsburgh also shot itself in the foot numerous times with questionable offensive play calls.

Instead, the Jacksonville Jaguars and Blake Bortles will be the ones looking to make their way to the Super Bowl LII, the home of the 21st century’s most successful franchise. Make sure that you stick around and watch this action. The super bowl game promise to bring lots of excitement and the players has vowed to be at their best.

How Patriots Clinched the AFC Championship 2018

For almost 20 years, one of the sport’s occurrences has been the New England Patriots playing in the fantastic and well-anticipated AFC Championship Game. This game is one of the best in the United States sports calendar. On Saturday night, the Patriots emerged victorious over the Tennessee Titans 35-14. That’s during the AFC Divisional Round. This victory has provided the Patriots with a spot at the AFC title game for the seventh year running, which is an NFL record. Many fans were excited by this progress, which means we expect a high attendance during the game.

Remember that in the past seventeen seasons, this is the 12th appearance by the Patriots, which means it’s among the best performing teams. Their opponent at the AFC Championship Game will be Sunday’s divisional round game winner between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Jacksonville Jaguars. One thing you should keep in mind is that this is one of the most anticipated games. It means that you should make your preparations early to ensure you get a chance to see your stars.

Under the head coach Bill Belichick and the quarterback Tom Brady, New England is 7-4 in the previous eleven AFC titles games. On the other hand, the Patriots are 5-1 in the AFC championship games, which have been played at the Gillette Stadium. That’s since it opened for the 2002 campaign. Their only loss at home has been to the Baltimore Ravens, which happened during the 2012 season.

Three teams will be looking for their first Lombardi Trophy, with the other being a perennial contender. Five times winner the New England Patriots are two games away to hoping to tie with the six times winner the Pittsburgh Steelers for the most Super Bowls in history.

You should ensure you purchase your ticket early since many fans travel from far to watch this game. The atmosphere will be as exciting as ever, meaning you don’t want to miss. Whenever these games are played, millions of people attend the games at stadiums while others view them from home, which gives advertisers chance to showcase their products and services.

AFC Championship Game between Patriots vs Jaguars is one of the most exciting games in the National Football League (NFL) calendar. For many fans, it provides them with a chance to see their stars in action, while the players themselves try to ensure they give the viewers the best experience. The winner of this game goes on to face the (NFC) Championship Game winner in Super Bowl, which is among the most prominent sports matches.

For the best outcome, you should ensure you prepare yourself well to get a chance to watch these fantastic games. Keep in mind that they feature the biggest names in the industry, meaning you don’t want to miss the action. Remember that among the favorite games in the American sports calendar is American football.

Pick: Patriots 27, Jaguars 16


NFC Championship Game: Eagles vs Vikings playoff scenarios

There is something special about an amazing football game. The atmosphere is like no other and you seem to remember every dramatically filled moment that leads to victory. When you watch the NFC Championship football game, it will certainly be no different. But are these two teams worthy of being in the NFC Championship game? Well, it is obvious that they made it, but how did they get this far and what will they do from this point on? Both teams have something special that can take them to the finish line of victory. As we begin to look at the special teams, offense, defense, secondary for each team, we begin to get a vivid picture about the Minnesota Vikings and the Philadelphia Eagles.

The winner of the National Football Conference (NFC) will qualify to play the winner from the American Football Conference (AFC) in an all out battle for the Super bowl title. Both teams finished with a strong 13 wins and 3 loss records. The Minnesota Vikings come into the conference with a 3 game winning streak while the Philadelphia Eagles offer a 1 game losing streak. This allows the pendulum to point for the Minnesota Vikings to have perhaps a bit more confidence going into the game. However the Minnesota Vikings will have to go into the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and beat the Eagles on their home turf. This has never been easy, particularly in a game of this magnitude. Stress plays a large part in how these two teams will match up. Also, experience is essential as the teams seek to understand each other’s playbook. The victory will be a glaring result of who wants it more. The victory will be a glaring result on which team plays better together as one. And the victory will be a glaring result on how well both teams are coached.

NFL Playoff Scenarios

Divisional Round
Vikings 24, Saints 16

Conference Championships
Sunday, January 21, at 6:30 p.m. ET: NFC Championship on Fox and Fox Sports Go (Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles)

Super Bowl 2018
Sunday, February 4, at 6:30 p.m. ET: AFC champion vs. NFC champion on NBC and NBC Sports Live (game will be played in Minneapolis)


Let’s first take a look at the Minnesota Vikings and how they were able to make it to the NFC Championship. As with any team, it has to start with the coaching staff. Mike Zimmer is the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings. He has been the defensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons, Cincinnati Bengals and Dallas Cowboys. With so much experience, the Vikings should have a decent defense.

And they indeed do. With Zimmer’s experience he has managed to have a dominant defense this year. Along with that, commentaries have been made about the greatness of the Minnesota Vikings quarterback Case Keenum. When all seemed lost, Keenum led the Vikings onto an impenetrable comeback to have victory over the latter course of the year. Keenum has been a dominant force with his weapons, Stephon Diggs as wide receiver and Adam Thielen, the other wide receiver. Look for Keenum to go long and hard with these two talented receivers for long yardage. And let’s not forget the great Latavius Murray who has something to say about the Minnesota Vikings running game in the backfield. The Minnesota Vikings secondary has done well in protecting Keenum for most games and the special teams are also good. All in all the Vikings pack a powerful punch and they will need every bit of it as they look to defeat the Eagles on their home turf.


The Philadelphia Eagles should indeed be worried about the Minnesota Vikings defense, but they also have some special players which helped them get to the NFC Championship. The Philadelphia Eagles head coach is Doug Pederson who served as offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs. He has also played quarterback as well. The Eagles may not be as lucky with their quarterback position in Nick Foles. While Foles does have experience in games, he can also become easily confused when confronted with difficult situations. Foles is also a backup quarterback to Carson Wentz who went down early in the season. He also has not been the dominant force that Keenum has been consistently throughout the year. The Eagles also have Alshon Jeffery and Agholor who are young receivers. They do have the experienced Legarrette Blount who some question if he still has it. The Philadelphia Eagles defense certainly stepped it up over their win against Atlanta, knowing the weapons that they had. They rose to the challenge like champions do.

NFC Championship Game Live Stream

The special teams will play an integral role for both teams as they will need to get field advantage for each play down the field. Depending upon who can pull it all together, is the taking for the victory spoils. The Philadelphia Eagles will have home advantage giving them the confidence of having the crowd behind them. But if Case Keenum can put all of the high energy to the side, play with his weapons as he has done all year, then the Minnesota Vikings have a great chance of taking home the NFC Championship George Halas trophy. Either way, it should be a stunner until the end. Both quarterbacks will have to bring their best. The offensive lines will have to provide adequate protection to give both quarterbacks time to run their plays. And the running backs and wide receivers will need to have an elite style of play. The defense will have to bring a special quality to the game as well. Look for this one to be like a Superbowl within itself.


AFC Championship 2018- Jaguars vs Patriots Preview, Time, TV info

The NFL Playoffs AFC Championship Game 2018 is around the corner in this weekend. The New England Patriots best quarterback Tom Brady is officially listed as questionable for Sunday’s AFC Championship game against the Jaguars. The seventh consecutive foray into the AFC Championship– defending Super Bowl champion the New England Patriots welcoming the Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL Playoff semifinal game, while the Jaguars is competing in its third conference title game in franchise history and the first since 1999.

AFC Championship game 2018 Preview: New England Patriots vs Jacksonville Jaguars.

The 2018 NFL Playoffs prediction for the 2018 AFC Championship Game, take a look at the complete schedule, start times, TV info, odds and more.

The AFC Championship game at 3:05 p.m. ET on Sunday. You can watch the game on CBS or live stream on CBS All Access.

Patriots offense vs Jaguars defense

“I knew he wasn’t going to run by me, so I was trying to bait him,” Bouye said. “Tom (Brady) will know if I am doing that. I just have to play tighter coverage (if he’s on Gronk).”

“Absolutely,” Brady said when asked if he would have to be at the top of his game to beat the Jaguars. “It’s the best team we’ve faced all year. They’re here for a reason. They’re a top-ranked defense in the league and have great players at all levels. They’re really well-coached and score a lot of points, so we’re going to have to play really well.”

“Hope they do not throw him the football,” Jaguars coach Doug Marrone joked this week. “Hope he drops it. There is no secret formula. I’d like to watch a game where someone has been able to do it. He’s going to make his plays, and you hope those plays don’t end up killing you.”

Patriots defense vs Jaguars offense

“We’re going to continue to get ready for Jacksonville all the way through,” coach Bill Belichick said, if Brady misses any of Sunday’s game before declining to offer any specifics on Brady’s status.

“Brian does a great job for us,” Belichick said of Hoyer. “Works hard, practices hard. He does a great job for us.”

AFC Championship Prediction: Jaguars 25 Patriots 27.

Tom Brady’s Injury – What happened to Tom Brady’s hand?

Patriots fans are very concerned that Tom Braby in not practicing on Thursday for his hand injury. The Patriots vs Jaguars AFC Championship game on Sunday at 3:05 p.m. ET got plenty of consternation.

What happened to Tom Brady’s hand?

X-rays of Brady’s hand revealed no structural damage, per Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald, and a source told Mike Reiss of ESPN that Brady’s hand “should be OK.” Still, the Patriots aren’t saying anything beyond the fact that it’s a hand injury, giving no specifics about which finger(s), the various bones in there or anything else.

“I remember (Buffalo Bills running back) LeSean McCoy said he had a high ankle sprain and came out there cutting and stuff,” Jackson said. “So I’m gonna get ready for his best and make sure that we’re all out there to get Tom Brady’s best.”

“We were taking pretty steady action on Jacksonville so we pulled it and adjusted down to -7. We fully expect Brady to play, but if he’s really banged up the offensive gameplan could be altered,” spokesman Scott Cooley told “And if somehow he doesn’t play, it’s going to be mayhem. At this stage of the season and considering the opponent, Brady is worth 7-8 points to the spread. If this is a ho-hum regular season game, we’re looking at 5-6 points.”

You need to know more about Tom Brady’s Injury visit:


Why Tom Brady is one of the greatest quarterback of all time?

Football has become one of the most celebrated sports globally. Not only is it a fun game to watch but it has also created job opportunities and seen many people playing the sport as a profession and a career. The game has created great and well established players who have entirely depended on football to attain the kind of lifestyles they enjoy having. These players are successful and known by the whole world. This article will particularly review Tom Brady, one of the most celebrated footballers, based on his success and the achievements he has made in the football world.

Tom Brady’s NFL career

Tom Brady was born in San Mateo, California in1977. He started becoming interested in football as early as when he was 4 years old. Joe Montana, who was a known quarterback football player then, was Tom’s icon. He even attended NFC Championship football which Montana was participating when he was 4 years old. Tom Joined high school and he was playing football and basketball in the school. He started playing seriously as a backup quarterback. The Brady Family Stadium was named after Tom. He later joined college from1995-1999, and still remained a backup quarterback but never gave up. He kept on practicing everyday to better his football skills. He was playing for Michigan Wolverines and in 1999; he led the team to victory. At the end of that season, he was ranked the number three top football player with 710 attempts, 442 completions and number four with 5,351 yards.

Tom Brady Divisional Playoff Preview

He appeared as a starting quarter back when he led Patriots to victory and the first position in AFC East. It is after this, Tom received his first Super Bowl XXXVI award. In 2003 and 2004 they participated in the World Championships which they won and received a Super Bowl MVP honors yet again. The team won 21 games continuously. In 2007 he led the Patriots to a 16-0 win. He received his first NFL MVP Award. He was also named the Male Athlete of the Year by The Associated Press award that had been awarded to no other player apart from Joe Montana in 1989. He got an injury but in 2009 season he came back in the field and was later named, The Comeback Player of the Year and in 2010, Tom broke a record by making passes without interdiction’s and he broke a record with 358 passes.

During the 2011 season, the Patriots joined the AFC Championship and also played in the Super Bowl six times and in 2014 season, they won the Super Bowl and Tom received his Super Bowl Award for the fifth time. The 2016 was also successful for the Patriots and Tom himself because they only lost out of the 12 games and Tom was awarded the fifth Super Bowl Award. In November 2017, he was ranked number three to have the highest attempts amounting to 1500. He has won many playoff games compared to the quarterbacks.

Why Tom Brady is one of the greatest quarterback of all time?

  Actions speak louder than words right? According to Jimmie Kaylor, in his article, Why Tom Brad Is the Greatest NFL Quarterback of All Time Period, he gives the following ranking of Tom Brady (NFL player) and even compares it to the rankings of his immediate rival to prove that yes Tom is the greatest.

Regular season

1. Touchdown passes
Brady= 456 (position 4)
Peyton Manning = 539 (position 1)
2. Pass completions
Brady= 5,244 (number 4)
Brett Favre = 6,300 (number 1)
3. Passer rating
Brady:=97.2 (number 3)
Aaron Rodgers = 104.1(number 1)
4. Pro Bowl appearances
Brady= 12
Peyton Manning, Tony Gonzalez, Bruce Matthews, Merlin Olsen = 14.
5. Passing yards
Brady= 61,582 (position 4)
Peyton Manning = 71,940 (position 1)
6. Completion percentage
Brady= 63.8
Drew Brees = 66.6
7. Wins
Brady= 183 (number 3)
Brett Favre and Peyton Manning = 186 (number 1)
8. MVP awards
Brady= 2
Peyton Manning = 5
9. Play offs Passing yards
Brady= 8,628
10. Pass completions
Brady= 788
11. Completion percentage
Brady= 62.39
Matt Schaub, Teddy Bridgewater = 70.8
12. Passer rating
Brady= 88.7
Bart Starr = 104.8
13. Wins
Brady= 24
14. Winning percentage (minimum 10 starts)
Brady= 727
Bart Starr = 900
15. Touchdown passes
Brady= 61
Brady (number 1)
Super Bowl
16. Appearances
Brady= 7
17. Wins
Brady= 5
18. MVP awards
Brady= 4
19. Completion percentage
Brady= 64.1 (position 4)
Troy Aikman = 70.0
20. Career completions
Brady= 207
21. Completions in single game
Brady= 43
22. Touchdown passes
Brady= 15
23. Passing yards (career)
Brady= 2,071
24. Passing yards (single game)
Brady= 466

Tom Brady’s NFL playoff records

According to an article about Tom Brady found in, the following are Tom’s records;
34 games played – 10 wins, playoffs, by a starting quarterback in 2001, 2003 2004 & 2005
10 consecutive wins to start a career, post-season, by a starting quarterback in 2001, 2003 ,2004& 2005
15 home wins from 2001-2016, post-season, by a starting quarterback
25 games won by a starting quarterback
63 touchdown passes
8 home wins, post-season from 2001-2007, by a starting quarterback
7 NFL conference championship wins by a starting quarterback
831 passes completed
34 starting quarterback games
9094 passing yards
A total of 14 division titles won by a starting quarterback
11 NFL conference championship appearances by a starting quarterback
1,325 passes attempted

In summation, we see how successful Tom Brady has been out of a passion and a dream he chose to follow without giving up. Therefore, even a sport game such as football can help you achieve your set goals, you only need to be persistent and keep it going if you are talented and have the passion, just as Tom did. He is now a legend for it!


NFL Playoff Picture: What we learned from the Divisional round 2018

It’s amazing to watch the Patriots are going to the AFC Championship for the seventh straight year and to see sixth times Super Bowl champion.

The Vikings need to win next matchup against the underdog Eagles after a long time and have a great opportunity to earned Super Bowl from home field advantage for the first time in NFL history. And once again, the New England’s are one win away vs the Jaguars in the next weekend from reaching the Super Bowl.

nfl playoff picture

Responding to Marcus Mariota’s perfectly orchestrated 95-yard scoring drive late in the first quarter, the Patriots took control of the game with a quick-strike offense that exhausted the Titans’ defensive line while generating a trio of second-quarter touchdowns.

It is said that Tom Brady the best QB of all time and Bill Belichick is the best coach of all time, and looks like the Patriots play more like a team than any of the other 31 NFL teams, which is why they win so many super bowls. It’s fun to watch an intelligent, sharply focused and disciplined team.

You will be excited that 3 of the 4 teams have never won the Super bowl. Only Patriots win the super bowl five timesand looking for the six this year. Our prediction is Super bowl will be played by Patriots vs Vikings. It seems all 4 home teams are favorites, but by the law of averages, there will be one, maybe two upsets. All 4 games will be played in COLD weather cities, and two in Pennsylvania.



The Jaguars make a history after beat the Steelers in NFL Playoff by 45 – 42

The Jacksonville Jaguars clinched the AFC Championship game and will play against the Patriots in next weekend as an underdog again after beat the Steelers by 45 – 42 in AFC Divisional Round. Home field advantage does not work for the Steelers against the Jaguars. The Jacksonville Jaguars as an underdog team for 10 years, the last positive playoff memory for the Jaguars was a win against the Steelers on a snowy day at Heinz Field in Jan. 2008.

“We’ve evolved since then. They have evolved a lot since then,” Steelers coach Mike Tomlin told reporters this week of the loss to the Jaguars. “I am sure that they are as different as we are since the last time we’ve seen them.”

The Jacksonville Jaguars and New England Patriots are the only two teams with winning records at Heinz Field since Ben Roethlisberger was drafted.

Former UCLA running back Myles Jack showed off his offensive chops with a toe-tapping interception that led to six early Jacksonville points.
Jacksonville was flagged for taunting on this key fumble-six, and it was totally worth it.
The Jaguars put the final nail in Pittsburgh’s coffin with the rare fullback touchdown.
Ben Roethlisberger’s veteran wherewithal nearly gave the Steelers’ comeback some solid ground.

AFC Conference schedule is already set. The Jacksonville Jaguars are eliminating the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night by 45-42 and will be playing in their AFC Championship game next Sunday at Gillette Stadium.



AFC & NFC Conference Championship Schedule 2018, Time, Date

The New England Patriots are only one win away in the seventh consecutive AFC Championship game from playing in Super Bowl 52 at U.S. Bank Stadium, Minnesota.

The Philadelphia Eagles are in the NFC Conference Championship game for the first time since the 2008 season where they will most likely be underdogs again. The Philadelphia will be playing in the 2018 NFC Championship game between the winner of today’s Vikings vs Saints matchup.

In the AFC, the Jacksonville Jaguars are eliminating the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night by 45-42 and will be playing in their AFC Championship game next Sunday at Gillette Stadium.

The long-suffering Minnesota will take advantage of their home field and defeated the Saints by Vikings 29, Saints 24 in the divisional playoff round and will beat the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game at Lincoln Financial Field next Sunday, January 21, to earn their chance to play the Super Bowl on their home field.

This time, it’s the Minnesota Vikings with the better defense, and that unit coupled with the Minnesota’s home-field advantage, will lead the way to the franchise’s first Super Bowl victory.

Here’s the complete schedule for the upcoming AFC & NFC Conference Championship weekend.

AFC Championship Game 2018

Sunday, Jan. 21

Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots, 3:05 p.m. ET (CBS)

NFC Championship Game 2018

Sunday, Jan. 21
Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles, 6:40 p.m. ET (Fox TV)

Super Bowl LII (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Feb. 4 AFC champion vs NFC champion at U.S. Bank Stadium, 6:30 p.m. ET (NBC TV)


Saints vs Vikings – NFC Divisional Playoff Game Preview

It’s been a while since the opening game of the season at Minnesota happened between the new Orleans Saints and the Vikings. The game, which saw the Vikings getting the upper hand in a 29-19 victory, seems to be a little bit irrelevant today as the two teams again face off at the U.S. Bank Stadium.

They are completely different teams now, and this Sunday clash that starts at 4:40 pm ET on Fox and Fox Sports Go, has plenty of the line. For one, both the teams need to win to get to a NFC Championship berth and we are sure that this game would be a lot more competitive than what we saw before.

Saints vs Vikings: Game Preview

We expect the match to be a lot closer. Case Keenum will now lead the Viking side, with Sam Bradford being sidelined due to a knee injury. It might be remembered that it was Bradford in the first game at Minnesota who made a lot of difference, connecting early and repeatedly. On the other hand, we see an improved defense and strategy from the New Orleans’ side.

However, given everything, we still think the Vikings will have an upper hand in the game. The Minnesota Vikings have had a great year, and under the captaincy of quarterback Case Keenum, they have been able to score 23 or more points in each of its home games. Case Keenum, on his own, has been able to make 22 touchdown passes and has completed as many as 67 percent of his attempts.

The Saints have had a rough season, an unpredictable one at that. After losing out the first game against the Vikings, they did fare well for a few games, but has again struggled in the last few weeks. In a recent match in week 17 versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Saints allowed them as many as 31 points. The Saints did manage to hold on to a win against the Carolina Panthers, which was a wild card round, but it was more of scraping through with a 31-26 win.

For the Saints, they have had four players who were able to hit the 100 receiving yards in the past couple of weeks, and gave up 300-yard performances to quarterbacks in each of the contest they played. It doesn’t seem to be enough if you are looking for a side who wants to beat the Vikings, who have just lost one lone game this year, a 14-7 defeat against the Detroit Lions.

We know that people and analysts like making predictions when it comes to a game between the Saints and Vikings, and we thought about making a few of our own. We would love if Mark Ingram gets over 100 rushing yards – and we sure want to put our bets behind it!

We also expect Case Keenum to be able to throw in for under 200 passing years, and get two INTs.

No matter how things pan out, we sure have one great match this Sunday to look forward to!